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Task Management

Manage approvals, escalations, and more with mobile forms that automatically assign tasks and custom statuses based on results.

Automate Task Management

Form.com's task management is a combination of three key elements:  behind-the-scenes workflows, reactive in-app logic, and User Portals. With portals, each user has its own hub from which to view, complete, and review tasks. As they complete forms, new tasks can be issued on-the-fly based on specific responses.

Conditional triggers will initiate events across your entire network of users, generating tasks, forms, and alerts automatically. The User Portal will continue to function and display the most recently synced info for users even when the app is offline.

  • Database Integration: Import data tables to incorporate location information, historical data, scoring, and more into your tasks.
  • Permissions and Access Levels: Create and assign user roles and groups for faster task assignment and organization.
  • Real-Time Task Management: Assign tasks on the fly and modify, review, and manage job-related forms as they're completed in the field.
  • Bi-Directional Workflows: Use API calls to synchronize Form.com with other programs for further analysis and seamlessly integrate existing databases and processes.
  • User Portals: Provide an interactive task list for users in the field that allows workers to view, complete, and review jobs even in offline mode.
  • Action Plans: Generate action plans from completed forms that include corrective actions, custom statuses, and automated notifications.

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Database Integration

Import data tables to incorporate location information, historical data, scoring, and more into your tasks and forms.

Offline User Portal

Access tasks through the app's User Portal and complete forms while offline, then upload the results when connected again.

Custom Workflows

Workflows operate in the background of forms, ensuring that the right people are alerted and assigned tasks when issues are discovered.

Statuses & Deadlines

Automatically attach custom statuses, due dates, and priority levels to tasks when assigned and ensure deadlines are met with email reminders.

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Additional Features

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Mobile Forms

Our custom forms are specifically built for the mobile workforce to use in the field.

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Workflow Management

Streamline issue resolution, escalations, and follow-up tasks without the manual effort.

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Offline Forms

Our offline-first forms can collect data, complete tasks, and more—even without a connection.

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Forms Automation

Automate virtually any manual process with dynamic in-form logic and powerful workflows.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Drill down into datasets with custom reports and business intelligence dashboards.

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Our platform is packed with features designed to make capturing and using data easier.

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