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Win more market share and improve field execution in real-time using our retail execution
and image recognition app powered by AI.


Sell more in a snap.

Discover the industry's fastest, easiest, and most accurate Image Recognition app that detects and analyzes products in minutes so teams can sell more, faster.

Pepsi puts the pop in their process using GoSpotCheck by FORM.

See how PepsiCo leverages GoSpotCheck by FORM to drive excellence in every account using instant Image Recognition technology.


Easily integrate with systems of record in your enterprise.

Salesforce Sync

Keep your data up-to-date in every system with Salesforce and GoSpotCheck by FORM two-way sync for accounts, activities, and contacts.

Open API

Use our open API to integrate with investments in your tech stack, including data lakes.

SSO & User Provisioning

Ensure better security, faster access, and get more work done with SSO and user provisioning.


Cut retail survey time by 75% with image recognition.

  • Use the industry’s only task management platform powered by AI to capture SKU-level data on products on shelves, in coolers, and even off-shelf displays.
  • Get instant insights into price, position, placement, and competitors with unparalleled speed and accuracy. 
  • Reps get on-device reporting within minutes, so they can fix issues at the shelf while still at the account. 
Offline Mode

Stay on top of your game
—even when you’re offline.

Work without interruption and never lose data with offline mode. Keep teams productive, even in areas of low cellular or internet connectivity.

Photo Capture

See market execution clearly with real-time photo capture.

  • Assign photo tasks to your teams in the field and capture live images of retail execution from any location.
  • See real-time results of marketing, merchandising, and field execution geo-stamped by location, time, and user.
  • View and export photos in PDF, Powerpoint, or shareable links for easy distribution.
Task Types

Tactical tasks for every team.

  • Choose from 12 different task types to create retail task lists, including count, price, item catalogs, and photo, and use dynamic form logic to drive the right action from anywhere.
  • Easily send tasks to the right rep in the right territory at the right time—every time, and get structured insights back upon completion.
  • Configure push notifications and email alerts to instantly identify and resolve issues that arise in the field.

AssIgned Places

Manage people, places, and processes like a pro.

  • Manage people and tasks efficiently by configuring smart teams and smart places, and assigning tasks by role or location type in bulk.
  • Create custom product catalogs so teams can capture data quickly on the SKUs that matter to you. Then assign tasks and filter data based on certain criteria such as SKU, product name, or category for powerful insights.

See it all in action.

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