Grow market share on mobile.

Win more category share and improve field execution in real time using our retail execution and merchandising app powered by image recognition AI.


Sell more in a snap.

Discover the industry’s fastest, easiest, and most accurate image recognition app that detects and analyzes products in minutes—so teams can sell more, faster.
Drive ROI with GoSpotCheck’s solutions for consumer goods brands and brokers.

Optimize field sales with mobile audits.

Efficiently manage checklists, sales, and merchandising with our powerful and flexible task management platform. GoSpotCheck’s user-friendly app empowers field teams to streamline account audits, even in offline environments. Leaders can ensure tasks reach the right person at the right time to focus on great execution everywhere.
Optimize field sales with mobile audits.
Seamlessly manage people, places, and products.

Seamlessly manage people, places, and products.

Choose from 12 different task types, including image recognition and dynamic logic, to give more context and clarity to team members. Use smart teams and places to distribute tasks based on role, location, and more, and leverage advanced logic to make tasks more flexible, customizable, and relevant.

Get visual confirmation of execution.

Use real-time photo reporting to monitor in-store execution and field performance from anywhere. Assign photo tasks to teams in the field to see real-time photos of marketing and merchandising to ensure execution and compliance of displays, including seasonal, promotional, and point-of-sales.

Easily find, sort, and analyze groups of photos by region, product, date, user, category, and more—then share collections instantly with stakeholders in JPG, PDF, PowerPoint, or shareable links.

Get visual confirmation of execution.

Cut survey times by 75% with image recognition AI.

Use the industry’s only task management platform powered by AI to capture SKU-level data on products on shelves, coolers, and displays—in any format location. Get instant insights into price, position, placement, and competitors with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Teams receive on-device reporting within minutes so they can fix issues at the shelf while still at the account.

What GoSpotCheck
Can Detect

Product Detection AI in Retail Environments


Capture full views of every shelf in any size location to get SKU-level data on every product to detect planogram compliance.


Monitor your regular and promotional price points and ensure every item is visibly priced and in compliance.


Easily capture data on any display, including side and end caps, free-standing displays, and POS materials.


Audit coolers in seconds with retail technology that automatically stitches images together for easy analysis.

Back bars

Use Grid Capture to stitch together a full view of any back bar in minutes, even those with wide angles or low lighting.

Tap handles

Track what’s on tap with photo capture that detects tap handles in restaurants, bars, and event venues.


Get instant insights into leading items, placements, prices, and category share on wine and cocktail menus in minutes.

Track and improve planogram compliance on mobile.

Easily capture photos of any set of any size, and our mobile AI automatically detects and analyzes every item, providing real-time, set-specific scoring on placement, availability, and pricing. Use dynamic photo reporting and custom business intelligence dashboards to analyze your performance and design stronger strategies across every account.

Monitor the market on mobile.

Leverage real-time reporting to spot and seize opportunities to drive sales. Get SKU-level insights on shelf share and positioning, out-of-stocks, and compliance, and track market trends and competitor positioning to drive sales and market share.

Aggregate data across accounts, regions, users, and time and share reports with key stakeholders to track trends and make smarter business decisions that will impact the bottom line.


Creating Value for Consumer Goods


Capitalize on sales opportunities in the market with full visibility into competitive insights.


Drive sales on key items by identifying trends in on-shelf availability and correcting fulfillment issues.


Visit more accounts more often with 75% faster data capture.


Grow sales over time through consistent in-store execution and availability.

Trusted by the world’s top teams.


The benefits of image recognition are speed, accuracy, and almost zero manual input. 

Within 2 minutes and in a few pictures, our sales reps know the exact percentage of LRB category, and the exact SKUs of every item in the cooler. From a compliance standpoint, the biggest win is that we now have an electronic way to audit a store and take a planogram picture.



GoSpotCheck Customer Since 2014


We can look at the retailers and see which ones are achieving our goals, which ones aren’t, and then provide valuable feedback to the managers so when they do the next go-round of planograms, they can use that information and have a benchmark on how to improve or keep growing.




After implementing GoSpotCheck the JOH team spent 56% less time collecting data and creating reports — time which was then used to build relationships with retailers, secure additional display placements, and drive more business.



GoSpotCheck Customer Since 2017

Save a Log

We’re hitting every single KPI with this platform–sales, margin, shrink, loss prevention, labor, and more. We believe it’s also leading to reduced turnover, greater productivity, better customer service, and generally a better workplace culture.


Save A Lot

Start working smarter today.

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