Merchandising Software Solutions

Consistency in
every corner.

Ensure brand excellence with GoSpotCheck by FORM, the mobile retail display platform that guides, tracks, and improves in-store execution in real-time.


Retail Display Software

Mobilize market execution.

  • Equip your field teams with our mobile app to easily monitor out-of-stocks and voids, and track trends over time using your reporting dashboard.
  • Gain visual confirmation of planogram compliance using real-time photo reporting and instantly resolve issues as they appear.
Own operational compliance
Data Visualization

CPG Merchandising

Grow market

  • Our retail merchandising software keeps teams aligned and engaged during new product launches and promos.
  • Quickly share program overviews, launch expectations, and sourcing and distribution details via our mobile app.
  • Improve trade program execution with real-time analytics.

Retail Merchandising Software

Meet standards
across locations.

  • Get instant visual confirmation of POP, signage, and display execution using dynamic photo reporting.
  • Verify pricing accuracy in every location, and instantly notify users to resolve any issues before they affect your customers.
Photo capture feature
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Field Analytics Platform

Outsmart the
on mobile.

Track market shifts, monitor competitor trends, and discover new ways to innovate. 

In-app CRM

Connect with
your clients.

  • Use our lightweight in-app CRM to save contacts, locations, and to retrieve historical completed tasks for each account.
  • Take notes and record critical information on each contact so teams are prepped to do great work during their visits.
  • Data is stored in the cloud per location, not user—so you won’t lose account information in case of team turnover.
CRM app

Mobile App

Create and assign tasks to teams on mobile using smart teams and smart places specific to user, location, and role.

Photo Capture

Get visual confirmation of execution from your own photo library, complete with live images snapped in the field. Instantly find, sort, and filter images per location, user, account, SKU, and more.


Achieve efficiency throughout your entire process with two-way sync between Salesforce and GoSpotCheck by FORM for accounts, activities, and contacts.

Image Recognition

See your market position in real-time using the world’s fastest and most accurate image recognition platform. Our AI identifies and tags products on mobile to collect critical field data you need to move forward—all in under 2 minutes.

Insights & Analytics

Drill into real-time data and reach conclusions at-a-glance. Win in the field with advanced insights powered by Looker, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.

Merchandising goes mobile


Keep in sync with Salesforce.

Keep your data up-to-date in every system with two-way sync between Salesforce and GoSpotCheck for accounts, activities, and contacts.

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