Image Recognition App

Sell more in a snap.

Move faster in the market using the world’s only integrated image
recognition and task management platform for retail execution.
PCI compliance audit


Audit more display types than ever.

Powered by machine learning and computer vision, our mobile app provides a real-time view of critical in-store measurements—from shelf and display to coolers, cold boxes, and menu.


Easy, breezy, AI.

Our fluid capture capability guides reps to take photos in the field in a single, smooth capture before products are automatically identified and tagged. Reps receive quick insights and analytics for each photo on their mobile device, so they can spot and resolve issues while they’re still on-site.

Fluid data capture
Planogram Complaint

Planogram Compliance Software

Visit accounts in half the time.

Our computer vision technology immediately recognizes photos of your products in coolers, in cold vaults, and on the shelf before processing and delivering insights to your reps in the field—so they can take the right action to drive sales.

Image Recognition for Menus

It can read, too.

Analyze your placement on menus in seconds with image recognition that segments products, placement, pricing, and share–instantly. Then get back to selling more of the good stuff.

Image recognition for menu
Photoworks flipped

Photo Reporting

See your markets in real-time.

Access image recognition workflow photos in your photo library. Then view, filter, and organize photos by product name, SKU, and size. Easily distribute performance reports with photos to key stakeholders via custom share links, JPG, and PPT.

See it all in action.