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New brand, new website. More great tech for teams.
Same team. Great tech. More superpowers. Over the last 18 months, we’ve brought together the best technology for field execution with a series of strategic acquisitions, with easier ways to collect, share, and act on the data that creates value for you by bringing together the power of FORM, GoSpotCheck, Rodio, and ShelfWise technologies. With […]
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Build vs. Buy: A Strategic Guide to Selecting Your Software Solution
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Consumer Goods
How to Launch a New FMCG Product in the Market
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Image Recognition
Image Recognition Drives Efficiency and Accuracy for Beverage Brands
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What Happens When Robotic Process Innovation Meets Frontline Associate Technology
We’ve had a profound experience of how vital the food supply chain and its frontline workers are to our security with COVID-19. As brands rebuild from the pandemic, most will reexamine the future of work, and the impact the dependencies between people, product, institutions, technology and each other have on their business. The “new normal” […]
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Preparing And Protecting Frontline Teams And Customers For Holiday 2020 Under COVID-19
Overnight, the world’s frontline workers in essential retail emerged as the heroes they are during the COVID-19 pandemic, while furloughed workers from other retail sectors joined the 30 million Americans who have filed for unemployment since mid-March. Adapting to conditions that are changing by the hour, retailers have met customers in new channels, wrestled with supply chain, […]
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How Retailers Are Using Technology to Improve the In-Store Experience and Engage Frontline Teams
Digital transformation, consumer demands for convenience, and Gen Z buying power proliferation have created waves of disruption for retail. As automated technology like chatbots and blockchain permeate the industry, the demand for elevated shopping experiences and human interaction are requiring retailers to adapt and experiment with technology that allows them to thrive online and offline. […]
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