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Excelling in Employee Wellness in a Remote World
During the past two years, workplace culture has evolved rapidly and significantly. Organizations have drastically shifted their priorities, placing a greater emphasis on work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and employee health and wellness. Like other organizations, FORM faced the challenges of uprooting our global teams to become a fully remote company. Now, in a nearing […]
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VP of Human Resources Bri Newhart Shares Why Authentic Engagement is Central to Effective Management
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FORM Recognized as a Leader in 2022 G2 Summer Report
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Ready for Launch: A Bolder and Brighter FORM MarketX 🚀
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Field Sales
Creating a 30-60-90 Day Plan to Ensure Success As a New Sales Manager
30-60-90 Sales Plan Template Starting a new job as a sales manager can be overwhelming: In between onboarding and getting to know your direct reports, you need to familiarize yourself with company tools and technology, marketing operations, and sales goals and metrics. To set themselves up for success, many sales managers rely on a 30-60-90 […]
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Gen Z is Changing Shopping: Here’s How Retailers Can Keep Up
Shifting Retail Operations and Generation Z Regardless of your stance on Generation Z, there’s no denying that they have power. They decide what trends are in and what trends are out (sometimes in a matter of days), they’re redefining the workforce, and they can rally together to take a stand. But more than just social […]
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Building A Brand: How Brand Managers Can Elevate Brands and Engage Consumers
What Does a Brand Manager Do? When you think of the best brands, what comes to mind—and why? Patagonia, for their stand on environmental preservation and sustainability? Apple, for their innovation? Nike, for their iconic slogan? Disney, for their overall sense of magic and wonder? Whatever comes to mind, all of these brands have something […]
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