Sales representative tracking software

Work, win, repeat.

Ensure top-notch execution and track attainment in
real-time using the #1 mobile task management platform for field sales teams.

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Outside Sales Management Software

Drive the right behavior in the field.

  • Send and schedule tasks and directives to your sales reps on mobile using 12 different task types, and instantly analyze responses as soon as they’re submitted.
  • Use custom scorecarding and benchmarking to measure and boost performance and attainment by rep, region, location, account, and more. Motivate teams to succeed with in-app leaderboards.
  • Keep teams productive from anywhere with offline mode that keeps reps working in areas of low cellular connectivity.

Real numbers, real impact.


Decrease in Report Building Time


Average Sales Lift
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Sales rep tracking

Verify execution instantly.


  • Easily upload program overviews, GTM and launch expectations, and distribution details and instantly message your reps for quick reference.
  • Monitor pricing, promotions, and program progress from your reporting dashboard and pinpoint trends over time.
  • Leverage real-time photo reporting to gain visual confirmation of program execution from wherever you are.

Mobile training tools

Give teams what they need to win.

  • Boost product knowledge with mobile sell sheets, demo and sampling SOPs, and trade program audits using a variety of file types, including video, photo, and PDF. 
  • Deliver learning and development opportunities to your reps on-the-job to keep them engaged and aware.
  • Track completion and responses in real-time and reward high-performing teams doing great work.
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Data Visualization

Real-time insights

Grow market

  • Gain competitive advantage with real-time image recognition analytics from your frontline about competitor pricing, position, and category moves. 
  • Increase compliance and spot opportunities to take action when it matters.

In-app CRM

Connect with
every account.

  • Use our lightweight in-app CRM to save contacts, locations, and to retrieve historical completed tasks.
  • Take notes, record critical information on each contact, and be prepared during each visit.
  • Data is saved in the cloud by location, not user—so you won’t lose account information in case of team turnover.
CRM app

Mobile App

Create and assign tasks to teams on mobile using smart teams and smart places specific to user, location, and role.

Photo Capture

Get visual confirmation of execution from your own photo library, complete with live images snapped in the field. Instantly find, sort, and filter images per location, user, account, SKU, and more.


Achieve efficiency throughout your entire process with two-way sync between Salesforce and GoSpotCheck by FORM for accounts, activities, and contacts.

Image Recognition

See your market position in real-time using the world’s fastest and most accurate image recognition platform. Our AI identifies and tags products on mobile to collect critical field data you need to move forward—all in under 2 minutes.

Insights & Analytics

Drill into real-time data and reach conclusions at-a-glance. Win in the field with advanced insights powered by Looker, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.

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open api integrations

Service & Work Order Software

Our open API allows seamless integration between FORM OpX and other key systems in your tech stack to accelerate your corrective process.

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