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Protect your customers, your employees, and your business with FORM OpX, the leading mobile health & safety management app for teams.

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Proactivity is power.

  • Move your behavioral audits to mobile and easily gather critical information using flexible forms.
  • Use dynamic form logic to ensure audits are relevant to each team member depending on role, location, and status.
  • Automate alerts and escalations to take quick corrective action when it matters most.

JHA Forms

Risk mitigation made smart.

  • Create JHA forms on mobile using custom criteria and diverse task types, including photo, for ultimate context.
  • Automatically calculate scores and schedule follow-up tasks with deadlines and custom statuses so teams to take action immediately.
  • Work anywhere without interruption with offline mode and complete work in areas of low cellular connectivity.

Incident Reports

Deliver safer

  • Build, manage and modify mobile incident reports to make sure you get the information you need—right when you need it.
  • Understand when, where, and how an incident occurred with geotagged and time-stamped reports.
  • Send notifications, launch escalations, and assign follow-up tasks based on configurable workflows, and share action plans for instant resolution once forms are completed.

EHS Management Software

Reduce risk
the right way.

  • Use our health & safety management software to create EHS and OSHA forms that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Quickly pinpoint sites, processes, and assets that fail to meet regulations, and configure automatic escalations to solve the problem on-site.
  • Use our Bluetooth Thermometer IoT integration to receive instant digital readings to improve food safety standards.

Quality System Software

Meet every
standard, every time.

  • Create mobile forms for personnel, property, equipment, and vehicle inspections with fully configurable criteria to ensure all safety standards are met.
  • Automate email alerts and in-app notifications as soon as red-flag issues are detected, and assign criticality levels on subsequent tasks.
  • Reinforce regulations with BI dashboards and reports sourced from cloud-based forms updated in real-time. 

Mobile App

Create and assign digital audits, inspections, and checklists to teams in the field on a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices that works in offline mode.

Bluetooth Thermometer IoT Integration

Reduce risk using our state-of-the-art bluetooth thermometer IoT integration to monitor food and equipment temperatures.


Link your mobile audits and inspections to automated alerts and escalation paths for efficient resolution in real-time.

Photo Reporting

Get visual confirmation of compliance using your own photo library, complete with live images snapped in the field. Instantly find, sort, and filter images per location, user, account, SKU, and more.

HIPAA-Compliant Forms

Protect your people and your processes with HIPAA-compliant forms that keep information safe and secure.

Safety simplied


Service & Work Order Software.

  • Our open API allows seamless integration between FORM OpX and other key systems in your tech stack to accelerate your corrective process.
  • Automate incident reports and distribute them among existing systems for closed-loop reporting.
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