FORM’s Digital Summit Discusses The Future of Mobile Software

Insights for The Future of Software with Principal Analyst at Forrester

In September 2021, FORM hosted our exclusive Digital Summit, an annual opportunity for us to share our vision and technology roadmap with customers. Last year featured guest speaker Duncan Jones, Vice President & Principal Analyst of Forrester, who spoke on the current and future state of the modern enterprise suite. 

According to Jones, the emergence of specialized tools has signified the long-standing era of IT-driven enterprise-resource planning. In today’s organizations, 40% of all purchase influencers say that they are spending more money on technology themselves because it is too crucial of a decision to be left to software and IT managers. 

By diversifying their ecosystem of applications and adopting a multi-platform strategy, organizations can enhance and optimize their operations. With a new focus placed on software purchase decisions being made outside of IT departments, Jones offers that many organizations opt for a middle ground of building versus buying their software solutions. 

As far as the applications themselves, Jones shared some insights into how AI-powered software can deliver value for today’s teams by: 

  • Automating Tasks
  • Prioritizing Action 
  • Optimizing Decisions 

In addition, he also states that value isn’t necessarily derived from products being different from others in the market, but from them being efficient, resilient, and reliable. 

Watch the full video from our 2021 Digital Customer Summit to get further insights into artificial intelligence and mobile software priorities from Duncan Jones. 

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