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See the price of every SKU.

Using GoSpotCheck’s mobile image recognition AI for shelf price tracking, keep track of your regular and promotional price points at every account. Monitor actual vs. list price to ensure consistency and compliance, and use on-device reporting to get instant insights and resolve gaps immediately.


Perfect promotions and new product launches.

With just a photo, our pricing intelligence software can detect pricing for every product, including price changes and promotions. Teams can track whether promotional pricing is consistent across locations and displays, ensure seamless product launches, and increase turn rates.

Analyze competitor pricing.

Audit price tag compliance of your SKUs versus your competitors to get a better understanding of competitor activity and strategy. Use competitor pricing and performance insights to ensure you’re delivering better value and positioning to consumers to win more sales.


Strengthen your strategy.

Track market trends over time to inform your pricing strategy across products, channels, and markets with visual reporting dashboards that update in real time. Make stronger, data-driven decisions that lead to sustainable profitability.

Image Recognition for Price Analysis

Price Detection Across Industries

For Retailers

Use our mobile price detection AI to ensure every item is visibly priced and in compliance to drive sales.

For Consumer Goods Brands

Simply snap a picture of any shelf or display and our AI will automatically detect and tag prices to ensure price tag and promotion compliance.

For Beer, Wine, and Spirits Suppliers

Track pricing and market trends over time to create a pricing strategy that outsmarts and outsells competitors.

For Beer, Wine, and Spirits Distributors

Capture pricing data at every account quickly and accurately, then share with suppliers in real-time.

Everything you need to know about Image Recognition.

Yes, FORM’s image recognition app can identify price tags in the U.S., and models are actively being trained to recognize other currencies. Our AI recognizes pricing by first identifying the item, then associating that item with the price tag located directly underneath it and assigns the same price to other items on the shelf without a direct linked price tag. Image Recognition can also identify and associate promotional pricing with products captured.

Image Recognition by FORM is the fastest and most accurate solution for smarter retail execution, with 97%+ product detection accuracy on each product setting, and a contractual SLA of 95%+ SKU recognition accuracy once the model is trained on new items. See “How does FORM train its machine learning models?” and “Do I need to provide images of my SKUs to train the model?” on our Frequently-Asked Questions page for greater detail on model training.

Image Recognition is fully-integrated with FORM’s task management and insights platform to provide a turnkey solution for sending, tracking, and reporting on data captured by reps in the field. Leaders use FORM’s task management solution to create, send, and schedule tasks using 12 different task types, including image recognition, unique to location and user. Users receive these tasks by opening the FORM app on their mobile device and viewing which tasks are available for the location they’re visiting.

Tasks that include image recognition will prompt the user to take photos of the displays or menus requested. Once photos are captured, our machine-learning models instantly identify products that appear in the image, and append SKU-level data to each item pictured. In minutes, users will receive reporting on their device after submitting photos, and leaders will receive granular SKU-level reporting to their insights dashboard on desktop for easy viewing, analyzing, and sharing.


Seamless Integrations

easy efficiency

Integrate seamlessly with service, work order, CRM, and ERP systems to extend the value of your existing investments.


Use our open API to speed data flow into other systems of record, including data lakes.


Reduce time resetting passwords, ensure better security, and get more valuable work done with SSO and user provisioning.


Share critical data between GoSpotCheck and your CRM so teams always have the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Trusted by the world’s top teams.

Southern Glazers
Beam Suntory
Flowers Foods

The benefits of image recognition are speed, accuracy, and almost zero manual input. 

Within 2 minutes and in a few pictures, our sales reps know the exact percentage of LRB category, and the exact SKUs of every item in the cooler. From a compliance standpoint, the biggest win is that we now have an electronic way to audit a store and take a planogram picture.




We can look at the retailers and see which ones are achieving our goals, which ones aren’t, and then provide valuable feedback to the managers so when they do the next go-round of planograms, they can use that information and have a benchmark on how to improve or keep growing.




After implementing GoSpotCheck the JOH team spent 56% less time collecting data and creating reports — time which was then used to build relationships with retailers, secure additional display placements, and drive more business.



Save a Log

We’re hitting every single KPI with this platform–sales, margin, shrink, loss prevention, labor, and more. We believe it’s also leading to reduced turnover, greater productivity, better customer service, and generally a better workplace culture.


Save A Lot

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