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Want to learn more about FORM?

Request a demo today, and we'll connect as soon as possible.

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Want to learn more about FORM?

Request a demo today, and we'll connect as soon as possible.

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Want to learn more about FORM?

Request a demo today, and we'll connect as soon as possible.

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Want to learn more about FORM?

Request a demo today, and we'll connect as soon as possible.

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Improve Execution — Everywhere.

Collect, share, and report critical data from your frontline using FORM’s
mobile platform that reduces risk and improves performance.

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Digitize daily operations.

Upgrade from paper forms, manual spreadsheets, and legacy software to an automated solution for inspections, audits, checklists, and more.


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FORM is built for your business.

Our intuitive, flexible technology can be scaled and customized to handle any variety of use cases.

Promote Safety

Monitor behavior and equipment usage while managing corrective actions and analyzing trends.

  • Equipment inspections
  • Safe behavior audits
  • Incident management

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Improve Quality

Ensure the right behaviors and outcomes across the entire product life cycle. 

  • Vendor/supplier audits
  • Defect tracking/root cause
  • Work space evaluations

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Ensure Compliance

Drive continuous improvement through consistent measurement, analysis, and course correction.

  • Incident tracking
  • Process audits
  • CAPA management

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Streamline Operations

Replace paper, spreadsheets, and email chains with intelligent and automated form solutions.

  • Reduce paper headaches
  • Systematize processes
  • Adopt a mobile-first approach

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Mobilize Workers

FORM was built to work in both online and offline environments to make your life easier. 

  • Download data prior to leaving
  • Upload responses seamlessly
  • Maintain process compliance

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Reduce Risk

Automate task management when new issues arise, and remove the manual processes.

  • Leverage powerful workflows
  • Automate tasks easily
  • Schedule responses

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No/low code smart configuration.

Deploy & Collect
Collect cleaner data everywhere, faster.

Enhance Workflow & Performance
Automate complex tasks and work procedures.

Visualize & Analyze
Visualize, analyze, and share data instantly.

1000+ clients. 50 industries. 4M+ forms.

4.6 Star App Rating
4.6 Capterra Rating
Low-Code Platform
Available in 54 Languages

With FORM you will...

  • Increase transparency into data-based operations.
  • Reduce bottlenecks in data collection and sharing.
  • Improve compliance with regulatory and internal standards.
  • Streamline processes at all levels in your organization.
  • Create happier, more efficient teams in the field.

The Wendy's Company: Modernizing the way restaurants collect, analyze, and act on data with FORM

Wendy's came to FORM looking for new ways to create a better experience for their customers. FORM took on the challenge of providing Wendy's franchise and company operators with the tools they need to accurately evaluate and coach their restaurant teams to drive operational excellence.

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MarketSource: Connecting mobile marketing and sales teams across North America with FORM

By putting FORM into the hands of its workforce, MarketSource is gaining real-time information on clients’ products, training, campaigns, and successes from thousands of sources. Because frontline reporting is now as seamless as possible, MarketSource employees cover more ground, gather more information, and deliver more value daily.

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Imperial Distributors: Increasing value and demonstrating impact for retail customers with better, faster audits

After implementing a FORM solution, audits at Imperial Distributors ran more quickly, without the need for transcribing notes or double data entry. The data collected and analysis tools made it very easy to see where course corrections were needed and their impact.

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DEKRA: Optimizing data collection processes and automating field inspections with FORM

FORM is helping DEKRA automate manual field inspections with powerful, offline-first mobile forms. DEKRA has saved countless man-hours by creating an end-to-end field reporting solution for analyzing pollution and capturing actionable data.

Fouré Lagadec

Fouré Lagadec: Streamlining data capture and automating maintenance processes with FORM

Fouré Lagadec is improving and automating maintenance processes with powerful, custom mobile forms. By integrating our automation technology with their existing IT systems, we created a flexible, end-to-end forms solution that matches their current approach perfectly.


Brewers Decorator Centers: Delivering insight and oversight into a distributed, store-based operation

Starting out as a small family-owned decorator merchant over 100 years ago, Brewers has grown over the past century to become a multi-faceted enterprise with locations across England. Today, Brewers is using FORM to capture actionable data from all 170 branches.

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