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Keep frontline teams connected to peers, leadership, and essential
systems with FORM’s field communication app.

Bulletins & Polls

Engage and inspire your teams.

Post bulletins, share updates, and send polls to your field teams to improve internal staff communications—and configure top-down alerts with read/receipt verification for ultimate visibility.
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Slack alternative

Instant communication, instant impact.

  • Use our intuitive team communication app to boost connection between field teams and leaders.
  • Configure structured groups and users by job title, department, or district to get the right information to the right person—every time.


Everything you need, right where you need it.

Quickly reach teams with key messages using channels that can be filtered and searched by keywords including role, title, and location.

Tagged content

Internal FieldConnector software

Your company-wide connection hub.

  • Plug teams into important internal comms with channels organized by team attributes to automate your messaging and reporting.
  • Keep profiles up-to-date with HR system integrations.


Build your perfect process.

Our business SMS app seamlessly integrates with SSO web portals, channels, and bots for unified operations across all of your systems. Access our Communication AI that works to assist you and your teams 24/7.

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