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Image Recognition by FORM is the world’s leading task management app powered by GoSpotCheck’s computer vision for smarter execution in every account. Explore every resource we have to offer—from market reports and videos to interactive product tours—to see how our mobile app drives sales for the world’s top teams in Consumer Goods and Beer, Wine, and Spirits.

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When the world’s leading wine and spirits distributor of beverage alcohol selects the world’s top-rated image recognition technology for managing on- and off-premise execution, it’s a match for the ages. Get the full scoop below.

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Industry-leading image recognition technology for the world’s top teams.

See how leaders across industries are achieving up to a 5% lift in sales and 10% increase in category share after using Image Recognition by FORM.


ABInBev audits beer coolers and shelves throughout the U.S. to track execution, improve competitive positioning on the shelf, and grow shelf share.

Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper audits coolers across the U.S. to confirm compliance, track shelf share, and identify out-of-stocks.

A Top 3 Global Beverage Supplier

Audits execution in coolers and shelves across a variety of stores in the U.S.—and has cut survey times by 75% as a result.

A Top 3 Global Beer Supplier

Tracks planogram compliance, out-of-stocks, and shelf share in Poland, Mexico, and other global convenience stores.


Display execution isn’t always picture-perfect. See real examples of our AI doing the hard work for you—from identifying products on crumpled menus to tagging kegs on their side.

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