GoSpotCheck by FORM Announces Attendance at NRF 2024 with
All-New AI for Planogram Compliance

Quincy, MA – (December 18, 2023)

GoSpotCheck, the top-rated retail execution platform powered by AI, recently announced groundbreaking enhancements to its image recognition technology: automated planogram compliance detection through computer vision. The award-winning innovator plans to introduce the new capability at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show in January with exclusive demo opportunities for attendees.

Earlier this year, GoSpotCheck added advancements to its image recognition app with full support of all on-premise display types in addition to off-premise displays. With the addition of planogram compliance, GoSpotCheck’s mobile app can now automatically detect products and prices on more scene types than ever before—including retail shelves, coolers, off-shelf displays, menus, back bars, beer taps, and fountain taps—to deliver ultimate market visibility to its customers in Retail and CPG. 

According to the National Association for Retail Marketing, planogram compliance typically falls below 50% for top grocers, and 44% of retailers struggle to reset planograms efficiently using traditional methods. Accurately executed planograms help retailers, CPG brands, and brokers confirm product placement, fulfillment, and pricing, and contribute significantly to revenue growth and effective supply chain management. GoSpotCheck’s latest technology will allow retail teams to capture a photo of a shelf using their mobile device, and receive real-time confirmation of compliance with custom scoring of the planogram—all powered by AI. The tech leader is also working to integrate Augmented Reality into the app, which will allow for lower processing time and instant compliance visualizations. 

“The addition of planogram compliance to our platform capabilities will help us complete our vision of becoming the world’s first Digital Assistant for the Frontline,” says Ali Moosani, FORM CEO. “Adding this feature to our existing ecosystem of task management, photo reporting, business intelligence, and workflows will be truly game-changing for our customers, and we’re looking forward to unveiling it at NRF in January.” 

GoSpotCheck by FORM’s image recognition app has been proven to cut survey times by 75% and grow sales by 10% for brands like PepsiCo and Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, and has received numerous awards on G2 for Best Usability, Best Support, and Best Estimated ROI.

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