In Full Bloom: FORM’s Fresh Features for Spring

At FORM, we’re on a mission to make your work life smoother and speedier with our innovative solutions. 2024 is shaping up to be our most exciting year yet, and we’ve hit the ground running, adding some exciting new features during Q1. Let’s dive into the awesome updates we’ve cooked up!

Planogram Compliance

We kicked off the year with a bang, unveiling a game-changing feature: automated planogram compliance. Not only did we introduce this gem, but we also showcased it at the biggest retail event of the year. Imagine this: snap a photo of a shelf, and in an instant, you have visual confirmation of product placement, availability, pricing, and compliance. Our mobile AI goes to work, detecting and analyzing every item, then delivers custom scores in real time.


For retail teams, automated planogram analysis and scoring is a total game-changer. With real-time insights into every shelf, teams can sync up with purchasing, nail their trade agreements, and hit margin goals–all from just one picture. Pretty cool, right?


It doesn’t stop there, though. This week, we launched Jobs, the newest GoSpotCheck feature to streamline work. A Job is a bit like a smarter Mission: it’s tied to a specific location and needs to be completed there. But while Missions are available to anyone, Jobs can be assigned to a specific team member with information and context that are specific to the task they are completing.​ 


Jobs are a win-win for everyone involved. For admins, they provide a clearer picture of tasks happening at specific locations. For mobile users, they offer a consolidated to-do list with crystal-clear instructions and context. More visibility into what’s getting done where, when, and by whom means better work everywhere.

PhotoWorks Updates

We’ve also given a fresh look and feel to PhotoWorks libraries. With a sleeker and more modern design, PhotoWorks now boasts an updated image overview and photo details view, a user-friendly filter bar, and a new, more accessible dark mode. Filtering and organizing your photos has never looked so good! 

But Wait…There’s More

Rolling Availability

Rolling scheduling empowers Admins to manage Mission availability, limiting how often a user can visit a specific place within a designated timeframe. Once the user reaches the limit for that place, they won’t see the Mission until the set time has passed. After that, the Mission becomes available for them again.

This means that individual users can visit more locations and cover more ground, allowing them to get more work done in more places.

Teams and Place Group Management

Users and leaders can now easily select multiple Team or Place Group Names without re-entering a search parameter. Plus, selected Team or Place Group pages can open in a new tab and be collapsed to optimize and organize your workspace.

Catalog Item Self-Management

We’ve enhanced the web app to give leaders the ability to self-manage catalog items. This feature enables company admins to seamlessly add and update items within existing catalogs using CSV file uploads.

Mobile App Sync Options

In FORM OpX, Admins can now specify how frequently each user should sync their app with the server to receive all available updates. This feature activates push notifications for both iOS and Android users, prompting them to sync their app.

New Details View on the OpX Windows App

We are excited to announce the launch of a new and improved user interface for task details on the OpX Windows app. Customers can now seamlessly navigate from task to task directly from the details view, eliminating the need to switch between task view and details.

GoSpotCheck Named in Spring Software Report

We’ve made so many enhancements to our solution designed to streamline work and drive success for teams, and it’s an honor to be acknowledged by G2 in their quarterly software report. GoSpotCheck proudly earned 28 badges this spring, including Most Implementable, Best Results, and Leader Overall. A big thank you to our dedicated users and reviewers for their ongoing support and for helping us continually improve our app!

Looking Ahead

It’s clear that 2024 is shaping up to be a milestone year for us at FORM. And we’re not done yet. Our product and engineering teams are tirelessly innovating to bring you a host of new features designed to drive success, both in the field and in the back office

We’re committed to providing teams everywhere with tools that go above and beyond, making it easier for you to achieve your goals. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve our solutions!

Loving our new features? Let us know! Send us a note on G2 about how GoSpotCheck by FORM is helping your teams drive ROI.

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