FORM Named A Top 10 Audit Management Company of 2022 For Mobile Inspection Software

Quincy, MA – (April 12, 2022)

FORM, the world’s first Digital Assistant for the Frontline, was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Trusted Audit Management Companies of 2022 by Insights Success, a magazine covering business and technology trends for C-Suite executives. FORM was recognized for its field execution platform used by top brands to collect data, drive corrective action, reduce risk, and increase compliance for EHS, Manufacturing, and Operational audits. 

FORM CRO Ryan Lucas discussed the future of audit management with Insights Success and how FORM helped its customers navigate through risk management during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lucas cited FORM’s 20 years of experience enabling complex business processes as a key market differentiator. “Our deep expertise in enabling operational compliance around QA, QC, and Risk Reduction processes for over 20 years [makes us a preferred choice]”, said Lucas. “Second, the flexibility and configurability of our platform is unparalleled, and as a result, we reduce the total cost of ownership for our enterprise customers because we can be used across teams in the business. Last, our integrations with other systems of record extend the value of existing tech stack investments and drive end-to end data processes across systems.” 

Frontline teams use FORM’s operational excellence app to collect data and deliver powerful insights to corporate leaders so they can spot and close compliance gaps and address areas of risk in real-time. With FORM’s audit management solution, FORM OpX, the company enables global natural resource and real estate management organizations to audit facilities and assets for safety and quality. FORM OpX is also used to guide and audit daily operations for top QSR brands, including Wendy’s, and in manufacturing audits of heavy equipment production. 

A top-five senior living organization that utilizes FORM for compliance audits says, “Our teams rely on [FORM] to help them gain insight into what they don’t know—and then drive positive impact with that knowledge. Together, we can see each specific area that needs work and take corrective action almost immediately, and our partners can use that information to train their teams. [FORM] is the main source of data our regional VPs use to report to leadership. They use it to answer key questions such as: ‘Are we stable?’ ‘Are we performing well—and if we’re not, what is our action plan and how are we deploying it to our teams?’” 

FORM’s people-centric technology empowers mobile workers to work smarter and faster in the field while driving value for the enterprise—and as Lucas puts it, turns mobile workers into “superheroes for the frontline.”

About FORM

FORM powers the world’s 2 billion mobile workers as they change companies and industries for good, with mobile technology that improves execution from the frontline. FORM’s digital assistant for teams guides daily tasks, boosts communication, and provides leaders with real-time intelligence to drive faster actions and better decisions. FORM activates and connects teams in the field–with leaders, missions, and each other–so they can deliver success in the enterprise. FORM solutions have been deployed by Fortune 500 companies and customers around the world.

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