GoSpotCheck Retail Snapshot:

Fourth of July

Get more field visibility than ever before with on-demand retail audits and custom execution reports. Choose the right tier for you and enjoy a one-time fee—no subscription required.

Retail Recon


Get a basic overview of your position in the market with Retail Recon – our entry-level package to capture and analyze insights from the market with a third-party field team.

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Elite Insights


Dive deeper with even more retail visits conducted by trained third-party field reps and customized tasks to capture the data you need, from the places you need it from. Get Started

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Hands-On Audits


Don’t need our field team support? Conduct in-depth audits yourself with our easy-to-use mobile app. Capture data during Fourth of July week with a starter-subscription to GoSpotCheck.

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Get freedom from field work this holiday.

Expand your field team during one of the busiest holidays of the year with GoSpotCheck’s industry-leading execution app. Select your market and products, and our third-party field workers will capture the merchandising data you need, exactly how you want it. Receive real-time results for unparalleled visibility and a comprehensive analysis of the market and your position within it for this seasonal promotion.

How Does it Work?

Choose the package that fits your team’s needs based on the number of retailers you want visited.

Using GoSpotCheck’s mobile execution and merchandising app, our highly-trained and skilled third-party field team will capture seasonal execution data from anywhere in the country. You’ll receive a comprehensive execution report with custom data that can be filtered and analyzed to ensure even better execution in the future. 


What You Can Track


Your Retail Snapshot

Once store audits are complete, you'll receive a custom report featuring in-store insights and photos showcasing your Fourth of July execution. This detailed report will provide valuable feedback on your merchandising performance, allowing you to identify strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and optimize your strategy for future holidays.

Custom Mission & Store Audits

Collaborate with our team of retail experts to create a mobile task list tailored to your specific needs and goals. Choose which SKUs, markets, and location types you want to track to get a complete picture of execution. 

Execution Recap & Data

Receive detailed insights from the field to assess how your team executed this year’s holiday merchandising, including promotional displays, out-of-stocks, and more. 

Dynamic Photo Report


GoSpotCheck’s photo platform, PhotoWorks, will automatically sort and organize the photos captured in the field. You’ll receive a dynamic photo album that can be easily sorted, filtered, and shared in seconds.


GoSpotCheck empowers teams to work smarter and move faster in the field. 

Our easy-to-use mobile app features smart task management, dynamic photo reporting, and actionable insights to help teams guide, track, and improve execution in real time. 

GoSpotCheck’s Retail Snapshots program is based on a one-time free with no annual contract or subscription required. 

Your team will be able to select which U.S. market and location type for the store surveys. Customer Impact, our third-party field team, has nationwide coverage. 

You’ll begin with a Discovery call with one of our Account Managers, who will take the time to understand your team and objectives. They will help you create your mobile task list and coordinate with Customer Impact to identify which markets to test. Customer Impact’s rep will complete the store audits during the week leading up to the Fourth of July, and you’ll receive your Retail Snapshot the following week. After you’ve received your report, your Account Manager will follow up to ensure a smooth process. 

Customer Impact field teams will complete in-store audits the week before the Fourth of July. Photo and execution reports will be delivered to customers during the second week of July. 

Secure your boosted field team by June 14.

GoSpotCheck by FORM is the industry’s only task management platform powered by AI, offering mobile teams real-time intelligence into field execution. GoSpotCheck’s easy-to-use mobile app for teams guides daily tasks, boosts communication, and provides leaders with real-time intelligence to drive faster actions and better decisions. FORM activates and connects teams in the field–with leaders, missions, and each other–so they can deliver success in the enterprise.

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