Under Armour + GoSpotCheck by FORM

Under Armour Strengthens
In-store Data Collection and
Lifts the Bottom Line

Efficient data filters find detailed information, verify marketing display features,
track inventory instantaneously, and find solutions while on-site.
About the Company

Founded in 1996 by a University of Maryland football player, Kevin Plank, Under Armour is one of the world’s premier athletic apparel manufacturers. The brand’s identity is synonymous with high-quality clothing and equipment that outfits even the most discerning professional athletes.

Ever conscious of brand image, Under Armour has a keen understanding of the importance retail displays and shelf space play in building a positive customer impression. To get more visibility into retail store conditions and gather real-time data surrounding displays and inventory, Under Armour employees, like Field Communications Manager Holly Kelleher, needed a more effective field management solution.

They needed GoSpotCheck.

GoSpotCheck is a great, great company to partner with. Their field servicing tool allows us to create visibility into field conditions by reporting on what’s happening in real time.

Field Communications Manager at Under Armour

The Challenge

Before working with GoSpotCheck, the Under Armour team relied on a variety of internal tools serving different functions. However, unreliable software led to issues including:

Lack of Real-Time Insight

It was impossible to achieve the level of realtime insight required to drive strategic decisionmaking and dynamically respond to changing market conditions.

Inefficient Workflows

Field management operations were also hampered by the amount of time required to produce reports and share them with Under Armour administrators. Workflows were overly time-consuming, preventing frontline employees from quickly and efficiently completing audits and submitting field reports.

GoSpotCheck has improved our process of gathering information tremendously. It allows us to gather data quickly. We can filter to exactly what we’re looking for, get it in a timely manner, and get the data to whoever needs it.

Field Communications Manager at Under Armour

The Solution

Under Armour didn’t fully roll out GoSpotCheck right away. The team needed time to take the product for a test drive and ensure it met all of their needs. Initially, Under Armour implemented GoSpotCheck with a small pilot group to gather feedback. Once administrators saw how effective the platform was and how much time their field teams saved, they expanded GoSpotCheck to all frontline employees. GoSpotCheck’s Customer Success Team provided additional support, training, and guidance every step of the way.

Under Armour’s field teams use GoSpotCheck to collect a wide variety of critical data sets related to sales, customer interactions, product issues, merchandising, and marketing—all in real time. GoSpotCheck’s clean interface and user-friendly dashboards allow field teams to collect and disseminate information quickly and easily, empowering team members to focus on more important activities. On the reporting side, administrators can quickly filter through data to find detailed information without wasting time.

Frontline employees can verify that marketing displays are set up correctly and feature the right material, instantaneously flag offenders, and work with store managers to find a solution while on-site. GoSpotCheck also enables Under Armour to track inventory levels when visiting stores, check if certain SKU numbers match official, internal records, and verify that inventory was received as expected.

My customer success manager has been very responsive, he’s always there when I have a question, and thorough with providing training. FORM has given me the tools in order to be successful as an admin.

Field Communications Manager at Under Armour

Pursue more strategic decisionmaking
Increase the bottom line and drive revenue
Share critical data and facilitate datadriven insights
Business Impact

The benefits of switching to GoSpotCheck have been immense for Under Armour. Field management operations are incredibly efficient as a result of quickly filling out and processing reports—straight from the store. This increase in productivity saves frontline employees time and has eliminated the “office day” previously needed to complete and submit audits. Less time manually filling out reports means an increase opportunity to visit retail stores and confirm the Under Armour brand is being well-represented on a local level.

Features like the Mission Overview page give administrators a real-time snapshot of display conditions. This helps to:

  • pursue more strategic decision-making
  • increase the bottom line and drive revenue
  • share critical data with various departments, further facilitating data-driven insights
Through it all, GoSpotCheck has been the consummate business partner. In addition to providing training to ensure every user and administrator has a full understanding of the platform, the GoSpotCheck team has offered responsive customer support.

We use GoSpotCheck in the field to gather qualitative and quantitative data. We take that real-time data and process it through Under Armour’s different departments to increase our bottom line, and ultimately, increase our revenue.

Field Communications Manager at Under Armour