Form.com Provides Savings for Quick Service Restaurant Chain

The Need for Better QSR Audits

Like many quick service restaurant (QSR) chains, this Form.com customer needed accurate, actionable data to ensure their locations were providing excellent service and safe food. However, with over 800 regional locations, this well-known QSR organization couldn't rely on paper inspections to get the job done.


The Challenge

The QSR chain used paper-based inspections for all their stores. Each year, 8% of locations were critically failing inspections, and another 30% fell below standards. The QSR chain recorded 3,600 failed inspections annually, and each failure required a third-party audit that cost $255.

As a result, the chain spent $930,000 in one year for third-party audits. Additionally, paper-based inspections prevented them from gleaning insights from the data collected in each restaurant.

The Goal

The customer's aim was to develop a form that was flexible enough to meet all their auditing needs. Other key requirements included:

  • A scoring system for audits that prioritizes top deficiencies at each location
  • Reduced skill gap and training for auditors
  • Aggregated results in a dashboard for KPI reporting

The Solution

By partnering with Form.com to create a mobile forms solution, the QSR chain transitioned to fully electronic, customizable audits that workers access on tablets and computers. The data from the audits now feeds into a central Dashboard that provides rich insights into trends at a glance.

The transition from paper-based inspections to the Form.com solution helped this customer streamline the audit process. The new solution delivered several operational benefits, including:

  • Eliminated the chain’s reliance on third party audits, resulting in a $930,000 savings over the previous year
  • Empowered a field support team with the tools to train restaurants in food handling safety and decrease potential issues
  • Significantly reduced training time because the inspection tool intelligently walked inspectors through forms
  • Implemented KPI reporting to easily see trends, gaps, and top/bottom performers