A beverage organization tracks symptoms


A Fortune 500 beverage company needed to screen their distribution center employees for symptoms of COVID-19.

They required a solution that would allow employees to self-attest that they did not experience any symptoms when reporting for work. The solution needed to connect with a QR scanner so that employees could easily access the appropriate form.

They also needed to incorporate a workflow that would trigger email alerts when symptoms are reported.

For administrators, the solution had to provide a clear overview of the collected responses over time.

Beverage manufacturing

What we’ve built

We created a form that enables employees to select themselves from an employee list, attest to a number of health questions, and submit the response with their signature. Employees access the form by scanning QR codes placed at all building entrances.

Employees access the form by scanning QR codes placed at all building entrances. In the event that an employee records that they’re suffering from any symptoms, email alerts notify their supervisor. At the administrative level, a custom dashboard allows management to monitor employee engagement and compliance. The dashboard tracks metrics such as employee participation, responses over time, and symptoms reported.

The result

The beverage company was able to show clear compliance with state laws mandating they capture employee health information for each day they report to the office. The solution played a critical role in their reopening, ensuring that management would be able to demonstrate their compliance whenever they were audited.

Managers now know as soon as an employee suffers from COVID-19 symptoms, allowing them to take instant action. Thanks to the solution, they can prevent further infection and begin contact tracing before the issue escalates. Administrators are able to pursue long-term improvements to employee compliance because their custom dashboards provide precise, real-time data on engagement.

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