Food City: Improving survey turnaround time with FORM

Food City is a fast-growing American supermarket chain with stores located in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. It is owned by K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc., a privately held family and employee-owned corporation headquartered in Abingdon, Virginia. Food City boasts 139 retail outlets and includes over 100 in-store pharmacies and fuel stations.

Food city

The Challenge

Food City performs quarterly consumer research surveys and occasional in-store surveys. Using relatively simple software, they were able to collect the necessary data, but reporting capabilities were limited. Producing a readable report required a lot of manual and tedious work. Meanwhile, conducting in-store surveys was limited by a lack of offline functionality.

The Goal

Food City needed a solution that would provide quick turnaround on their surveys. Their main priority was to rapidly aggregate data into digestible reports that could be analyzed by management teams. They also needed a solution that could leverage their extensive customer email lists, and they wanted a tool that worked offline for in-store customer surveys.

The Solution

Food City’s FORM solution makes it easy to reach their large loyalty database with highly accessible surveys. Surveys are sent via email, logged within a report, and quickly distributed to the right people. Management teams have rapid access to the results, making it simple to track results over time. Meanwhile, in-store employees can capture consumer surveys even without an internet connection, making it possible to reach respondent groups that would be otherwise hard to reach.

The Result

Food City has been using their FORM solution for over five years to ensure customer satisfaction across their organization. With large amounts of historical data, it’s easy to draw up reports with lengthy timelines and mountains of useful, actionable data. Thanks to the rapid turnaround of Food City’s email and in-store surveys, drawing conclusions about ongoing trends is simple and effective. Food City found exactly what they needed with FORM.
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