Updates to Copying & Starting Mission Responses

GoSpotCheck by FORM
October, 2022
On October 2022, we’re making it easier and faster for mobile users to copy and start mission responses in the GoSpotCheck mobile app.

This user-favorite feature gives teams the option to duplicate historical mission responses and modify them when starting a new mission, so they can get more done more quickly for frequently-visited places or particularly lengthy missions.

Copy & Start Button Placement

  • When starting a new mission from the Places tab, users will see an option to “Copy & Start” the mission right underneath “Start Mission.”
  • Previously, users needed to navigate to “My Activity” or “History Tab” to select missions to Copy & Start. While this will still be an option in the app, users can access the feature more quickly with our new update.

Mission-by-Mission Copy & Start Permissions

  • Admins can enable Copy & Start for users on a mission-by-mission basis, rather than applying the feature to all missions.

For more information on these updates, visit our Help Center.

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