In the Spirit of Innovation: Industry Leader Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits Creates Competitive Edge by Selecting GoSpotCheck by FORM’s Image Recognition app

In The Spirit of Innovation

What do you get when you combine the world’s leading wine and spirits distributor with the world’s top-rated image recognition technology?

You get automated audits, efficient execution, instant insights, and stronger sales. We are thrilled to announce that Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits has selected GoSpotCheck by FORM’s image recognition solution suite to drive market execution and sales across 45 markets as they continue to lead the alcoholic beverage industry in innovation, customer focus, and growth. Learn more about the powerful partnership here.

What is GoSpotCheck by FORM’s Image Recognition Software?

GoSpotCheck by FORM’s image recognition software is the world’s only task management app supercharged with AI and computer vision. Our image capture and product detection software makes it faster and easier for sales reps and merchandisers to collect data through photos in the field, and for leaders to drive the optimal action in the same app with task management, corrective workflows, and real-time insights.

What can GoSpotCheck by FORM’s Image Recognition app capture?

GoSpotCheck by FORM’s image recognition is the industry’s fastest and most accurate solution to improve execution and drive sales, and can identify products in more on- and off-premise display types than any other technology on the market. As reps take photos of coolers, shelves, back bars, cocktail and wine menus, or floor displays while on account visits, GoSpotCheck by FORM’s AI automatically identifies, tags, and segments products at the SKU level before delivering instant insights into:

  • Product counts by brand, supplier, and packaging type
  • Voids and out-of-stocks
  • Shelf share and positioning
  • Menu position, price, and share
  • Pricing and competitor pricing

How does it help teams?

GoSpotCheck by FORM’s image recognition technology has been benchmarked to be 1,000x faster than manual account surveys, and customers report that they have cut data capture time by 75% thanks to user-friendly features like Grid Capture, which provides on-screen guides for reps to capture high-quality photos the first time. On-device reporting delivers valuable analytics to reps in real-time, including insights into product position, leading items, share, out-of-stocks, and compliance, so reps can take corrective action if needed while still on-site. 

In today’s environment of labor shortages, out-of-stocks, and demand for efficiency, GoSpotCheck by FORM’s image recognition app enables smarter and faster audits so brands can sell more—and consumers can enjoy more.

How will Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits use GoSpotCheck by FORM’s Image Recognition AI?

Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits (SGWS) is the world’s preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol. They represent over 1,500 beverage alcohol suppliers and are responsible for the distribution, merchandising, and promotion of over 7,000 brands—from powerhouse suppliers including Diageo, Beam Suntory, Bicardi, and EJ Gallo. 

Southern Glazer’s has risen to the top of the beverage alcohol industry by consistently exceeding expectations and pushing the envelope when it comes to supplier-distributor relationships, cutting-edge technologies, and highly-trained team members. Over the years, they have become the industry’s technology leader, investing in world-class solutions that enhance operations, improve market visibility, and boost rep performance. 

Before starting their digital transformation journey, the team at Southern Glazer’s found that their reps were spending 38% of their time completing repetitive, manual tasks. The time that these reps will save by using GoSpotCheck by FORM’s automated data and image capture will allow them to focus on other valuable activities for their suppliers, including strengthening relationships with their account teams, surfacing market trends, and acting on new opportunities. 

  • Off-premise—in liquor and grocery stores—reps will use the app to audit positioning, in-stock conditions, and pricing for products in coolers, cold vaults, shelves, and floor displays.
  • On-premise—at bars, restaurants, and other venues—reps will use the app to gather insights on placement, assortment, and pricing on back bars and drink menus.
SGWS and FORM Display Types

Why did SGWS select GoSpotCheck by FORM’s solution over others?

After trialing the top image recognition apps on the market, Southern Glazer’s ultimately selected GoSpotCheck by FORM. They were drawn to the app’s user-friendly interface which streamlines reps’ data capture workflows to track and optimize product placements in the market and gain unparalleled visibility into every account. 

Additionally, both companies are motivated by innovation and customer success, and this mutual mindset was a key driving factor in the partnership. “It’s been phenomenal to see the partnership between SGWS and FORM develop for the past eight years,” says Kevin Corcoran, FORM’s Vice President of Account Management. “Both businesses have evolved in ways that were unimaginable at the beginning of our relationship. As we enter together into the world of machine learning and Image Recognition, the potential for insights into what is happening in the market is limitless.” 

Who else in the Beer, Wine, and Spirits and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry currently uses GoSpotCheck by FORM’s AI to manage on-premise and off-premise merchandising execution?

Southern Glazer’s joins other notable Beverage companies who use GoSpotCheck by FORM for retail execution and market growth, including PepsiCo, AB InBev, Keurig Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Constellation Brands, Beam Suntory, Jackson Family Wines, Ste. Michelle, Deutsche Family Wines, Terlato, Sazerac, and more. 

FORM’s CEO, Ali Moosani, shares, “Our customers are looking for a complete solution to manage execution and optimize their market position as they capture, analyze, and act on data from their field teams. With the best data scientists in the world, we’re meeting customer demand for rapid innovation and delivering phenomenal results in speed, accuracy, and insights with our low-code/no-code platform for field execution.”

What’s next for GoSpotCheck by FORM?

On a path of rapid innovation, FORM is unlocking new levels of business value for our customers with R&D that includes a proprietary technology that trains hundreds of SKUs in seconds, and augmented reality guides that help reps take better photos for better insights at corporate headquarters.

We’re excited about our future with Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, as well as the ongoing growth of our solution. Our teams will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver ground-breaking technology to help teams drive efficiency, boost category share, and increase sales. 

For a deeper dive into all things image recognition, check out our resource library, which features videos, overviews, and product tours that share how the world’s top teams, including Southern Glazer’s, use FORM to win the market on mobile. 

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