FORM in the 100 Most Transparent Tech Companies of 2021 by The Org

FORM has been named one of the most transparent tech companies of 2021 by The Org, a professional online community and database. With this recognition, FORM joins other renowned tech companies, like HubSpot, Google, Atlassian, and Adobe.

At FORM, we believe transparency—especially in tech—is essential to our success. To us, our mission is more than just providing world-class mobile solutions for teams (although that is our jam). It’s about creating a culture of visibility, trust, teamwork, and accountability for our internal and external stakeholders. When these values are upheld, only then can our team members, customers, and partners come together to make the magic happen. 


Transparency isn’t just important to us, though. A recent report by Label Insights found that 94% of consumers prefer brands that practice transparency and two-thirds of consumers would spend more if it meant buying from a transparent company. This means that nearly everyone is not just seeking—but expecting—transparency. If brands aren’t delivering it, they will go elsewhere. 


The Org, a New York-based start-up backed by top venture capital firms Sequoia, Founders Fund, Balderton, and Tiger Global, is a public database that makes valuable information easily accessible to users both inside and outside the organization. Its mission is to make organizations more transparent, help people understand more about their companies and the people in them, and “sing the songs of the true heroes” in their ranks. Founded in 2020, The Org is now the world’s biggest professional community for teams, gaining over 100,000 online visitors each week.


The Org and author Sarah Hallam used ten factors to rank the most transparent companies in tech, including: 

  • Salary 
  • Tech Stack 
  • Interview Process 
  • Growth and Number 
  • Strategy 
  • Culture and Values
  • Building in Public
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Product 
  • Public Org Chart 

FORM ranked 40th on The Org’s list and was highlighted for transparency in: 

  • Tech Stack 
  • Growth and Numbers
  • Strategy 
  • Culture and Values 

When surveyed, FORM team members’ number one value was “sharing information freely,” and with full access to company financials, management meeting notes, and customer churn information, they are experiencing just that. 


“We’re extremely excited to be included in The Org’s list of the most transparent tech companies of 2021 with companies we admire like Slack, GitLab, HubSpot, and Atlassian,” shares FORM CEO Ali Moosani. “We earn the trust of our customers, team members, and partners by having integrity in what we say and do. Transparency is core to how we operate at FORM and ensures everyone is a part of what we’re building, solving, and discovering as we grow.” 


In a landscape where transparency and team member engagement are more critical than ever, FORM is proud to truly practice these principles and create authentic relationships with those we serve. 


To learn more about the FORM team, our history, and our purpose, visit our website.

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