4 Ways Forms Software Can Improve Employee Training


Form software is used to bring paper into the digital age. Businesses typically use a mobile forms app to speed up their data collection, get information to the right people, and make impactful changes based on local and global data trends. But the basic infrastructure of a software-generated form isn’t limited to inspections and audits solutions. In fact, a mobile forms app can be used as a training and development tool that managers and employees can use while on the job.


The problem with other training tools (like employee manuals) is that they’re often longwinded, complex, and overall pretty uninteresting to read. Mobile apps make learning easy by offering a more hands-on approach. This works well for new employees still learning about their job duties, and can also act as a refresher for long-time workers who may have forgotten minor details or procedures.

So, how might this kind of training solution look?
Mobile forms can be used to:


Walk employees through their daily routines.

One mix-up in the learning stages of the job, and those bad habits could persist forever, especially if no one notices. It’s also possible that as procedures change within your organization, employees familiar with the old way of doing things may not adhere to all the new requirements. Mobile forms can act as a guide to ensure that employees remain attentive to details and are always aware of their responsibilities.


Store info on performing tasks to meet corporate, health, and safety standards.

If one of your employees hasn’t had sufficient training or forgets proper procedure, it’s likely that they’ll make mistakes on the job. Unless someone is around to observe those mistakes, it’s also likely that they’ll never know they did something wrong in the first place. Mobile Form Software can arm employees with the information, direction, and guidelines they need to follow to ensure they are always performing tasks correctly.


Offer post-submission scoring and feedback.

When a training module is complete, customized in-form scoring that meets your standards and requirements can show workers exactly what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ performances look like. Employees can see the areas where they received low scores and then seek the resources to develop their skills accordingly.


Help you track problem areas across locations and your entire organization.

Data collected on a mobile platform can be used to track the various types of issues employees are having. If a significant number of employees are experiencing trouble in the same areas, it can point to a flaw in your organization’s training programs that needs to be addressed.

No one wants a problem to come up that could have been prevented if your employees had more guidance while on the job. Mobile forms can (literally) act as an on-hand manager to observe your employees’ behaviors, help them answer questions about their work, and offer ways for them to continuously improve.

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