Can Cookie Cutter Inspection Tools Make the Cut for Your Organization?

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There are a lot of tools and services out there that claim to be exactly what your organization needs to improve. They often come in neat packages labeled for your industry: construction, manufacturing, restaurants, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin…

But when it comes to your unique business processes, pre-built solutions just don’t cut it.

mobile forms with workflowBecause every organization has their own unique procedures and workflows, any solution that isn’t flexible enough to recreate those forms and processes in their platform is going to force you to make some changes to your operations. On top of the hours of training needed to teach employees the “new way” of doing things, a solution like that might not even cover the data you really need to make impactful improvements.

At that point, why bother? After all, if you have to change your entire system to accommodate a tool that’s supposed to make work easier, is it really doing its job?

So, what makes any different?

The answer is pretty simple:

  • We take your specific compliance points and create mobile forms around those, not around a preset template.
  • We learn from you how our tool should work, so you can find and fix the problems that are actually affecting your organization.

Check out our 1.5-minute video with Falyn Torelli, WorldAPP Sales Engineer. In it you’ll get to know our typical inspection and audit use case, then learn how we take that basic recipe even further to customize the platform for your exact business needs.

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