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Trends & Takeaways from WSWA Beer, Wine, and Spirits Summit

After being put on hold for a few years, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America‘s annual conference and exposition is back and better than ever– with a new look, a new name, and new exciting features and engagement opportunities.

Our team had a whirlwind three days of connecting with customers and new friends, exploring the newest emerging brands, showcasing our mobile AI, and watching hip-hop legend and owner of the new moonshine brand MoShine, Nelly, perform. (Yeah, it was pretty iconic.)

It would be impossible to list everything that we learned and loved about the event, but if we had to sum it up:

  • Meeting in-person is still the best way to connect and deepen relationships 
  • Data drives impact 
  • Building a connection with consumers is critical for new brands

With these in mind, let’s take a look at what our team had to say about their time at the conference this year.

What was your biggest takeaway from WSWA Access LIVE 2023?

“Meeting new people—not only on our internal FORM team but also building new relationships with different suppliers and distributors, and all these great new emerging brands. Actually getting together and meeting in person, it’s just a whole different environment.”
Cody Boll
Business Development Team Lead
“The show was awesome. We met with people that are just starting out in the industry and looking to learn and explore, and we talked to the biggest folks in the industry, too. They all have the same requirements. By looking at our AI technology, we’re saying a picture is worth a thousand words and a million data points.”
Kevin Corcoran
VP of Account Management
“No matter how much things have changed over the last few years, there is nothing like being with people again. This whole industry is based on connection; it’s based on people engaging with others and sharing experiences. There is nothing quite like an event like this where people from all spectrums of the industry get together and share what they’re doing, what they’re excited about, and what they’re seeing in the industry.”
Ryan Lucas
Chief Revenue Officer

What are the different industry trends you saw at the event?

“International brands coming here to find domestic distribution and being able to represent their culture and tell their story.”
Jessica Jacobs
Account Manager
“Data and the need to act on that data and insights faster. It was important four years ago, and it’s even more important today. Second is the importance of being accessible for brands. How do you entice or convince the consumer to try your new brands? It’s really about three things: pricing, packaging, and origin story. If you’re a new brand, understanding how you show up on the shelf is critical.”
Cory Knopp
VP of Sales

So, what’s next?

WSWA put on a fantastic event with incredible speakers and insights, exciting showcases of new brands, and unmatched opportunities to connect with industry experts and all those adjacent to the Beer, Wine, and Spirits industry. We’re coming home with invaluable insights into what suppliers and distributors need, and what consumers want. 

The energy and atmosphere at an in-person event simply can’t be topped, and we’re feeling renewed and excited about everything that’s to come. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and met with us! 

Want to learn more about the Image Recognition app we demoed at Access LIVE? Take a look at our resource library for video overviews, AI-generated market reports, interactive product tours, and more.

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