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Find and Fix Root Causes with Dynamic Forms

Power robust analysis tools using safety and quality data from every part of your enterprise.

Uncover Root Causes Faster

Root cause data is often gathered with paper forms, spreadsheets, or outdated software. These methods fail to integrate with back-end systems and cloudy underlying issues with sluggish execution and surface-level scrutiny.

At, our goal is to improve the end-to-end experience of analyzing root causes in the field or inside facilities. Our dynamic forms are based on your specific process, giving your field inspectors the tools to capture observable information on a mobile device and easily route that data to back-end systems.

When you make the switch to, you'll have the ability to gather deep insights drawn directly from real-time reports—data that's guaranteed to be more accurate, up-to-date, and thorough than before.

Customize Reports and BI Dashboards

Create rich reports and data visualizations with custom formulas, calculations, and filters.

Create Mobile Root Cause Forms

Create forms for personnel, assets, and EHS with fully custom criteria to ensure that regulations are met.

Integrate Field Data Automatically’s API can integrate with your other systems and trigger actions across multiple channels at once.

Set Up Complex Workflows

Define custom workflows involving enterprise-wide initiatives, task assignments, and data pathways.

Generate Custom Action Plans

Display action plans tweaked to each form's results with next steps and immediate corrections.

Leverage Offline-First Forms

Perform on-site inspections anywhere using cloud-based mobile forms that keep working offline.

Integrate Third-Party Systems

Integrate existing tools with to launch tasks, send alerts, and update data in any system.

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Get Actionable Root Cause Data in Real Time

Upgrade from spreadsheets to offline-first mobile software that helps you track issues, improve safety, and control quality in real time. Our cloud-based tools help you chart the course of data flow from initial collection to final follow-up using top-level analysis tools. empowers you to quickly find issues, correct them, and make data-driven decisions to prevent problems in the future. Pivot to handle quality defects in real time info and understand your data with root cause analysis forms.

You can define complex workflows that automatically launch approval processes and follow-up tasks with deadlines and priority levels directly from completed forms. When users enter red-flag issues, prompts can guide them to initiate corrections on the spot, while background notifications alert the responsible supervisors.

Our built-in reporting and BI dashboards functionality allows you to create, analyze, and share custom breakdowns of your data. Reports continuously update to feature the most recent results from the field, allowing you to automatically distribute the latest insights and analysis around the clock.

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Regain control of your inspections with mobile forms and gather richer, more accurate data.

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Conduct better audits, capture deeper information, streamline follow-up processes, and more.

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Prompt users to take immediate action whenever possible, displaying reference data for each correction.

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Root Cause Analysis

Identify where problems occur and understand how to fix them.

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Incident Reports

Get reports faster and make data-driven decisions in real time with cloud-based forms.

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Collect feedback from employees and customers with automated forms.

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Data Collection

Gather deeper, more effective data using logic-driven forms customized for your process.

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Supplier Audits

Ensure suppliers meet your organization's standards with custom auditing forms.

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