Custom Form Development

Design your own forms using an easy, web-based interface that allows you to dive deep into the precise details of your process. Deep customization options and intuitive design features put the power to create that pixel-perfect layout right at your fingertips.

Create Dynamic Custom Forms

Build your own forms or work with our architects and developers to create unique functionality specifically for your process. Our flexible core technology gives you the building blocks you need to bring powerful forms to life.

  • Work with a WYSIWYG editor or more advanced backend toolset
  • Customize the look, feel, and inner workings of your forms
  • Draw from a robust library of plugins and logical formulas

Define Powerful Workflows

Map out complex processes and automate data exchanges throughout your company. Our workflows process interactions behind the scenes and ensure that data, approvals, and important tasks get to the right people as quickly as possible.

  • Create workflows that activate task trees and route enterprise data
  • Send alerts, assign tasks, and automatically trigger events
  • Automatically export data and populate other systems

Design a Company Portal

Customize your company portal to match your brand's look and feel. Include your own imagery, fonts, colors, and more. Take advantage of our white-label components to present the platform as your own proprietary app with its own URL. 

  • Present the platform as your own app
  • Add your own logos, images, colors, fonts, and more
  • Provide a branded User Portal accessible even while offline
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