FORM Acquires Rodio Mobile Communication Technology for Connected Field Teams

Braintree, MA – June 16, 2021 – FORM

The SaaS Leader in Field Execution Makes Work Easier for Frontline Teams with New Employee Communication and Engagement Capabilities on Mobile.

FORM, the leading field execution platform for enterprise teams, announced today that it acquired Rodio’s communication and employee engagement technology to help frontline workers stay connected to co-workers, leaders, and corporate communications while completing tasks and collecting data in the field. With Rodio, frontline workers can communicate with teammates, access resources on demand, and acknowledge when key communications are received. In turn, leaders can deliver highly-targeted communications to the right person, at the right place, at the right time while they’re in the field. The new capabilities will improve the employee experience for busy frontline teams, allowing them to do things like crowdsource answers to customer questions on the sales floor, distribute emergency response bulletins to employees in the path of natural disasters, or contact co-workers with shift-based questions from their mobile device.

FORM’s acquisition of Rodio signals the company’s rapid innovation to be the world’s first Digital Assistant for the frontline, with mobile technology that’s intuitive for the distributed teams driving operational compliance and market execution in the field for the enterprise.

“We designed Rodio to perfectly complement field execution with communications,” says Dan Barton, Founder & CEO of Rodio. “Rodio fully automates the administration of organizationally-aligned communications using the data you already have in your HR platform to improve the employee experience in the field. We’ve taken tools that desk-based workers use to be successful, and adapted them for frontline teams–and that leads to higher competence, reduced turnover, a better customer experience, and ultimately a better culture for the corporation. We’re thrilled about this acquisition and seeing our original vision come to life, as FORM pairs its powerful field execution platform with the communication capabilities field teams crave.”

Rodio’s technology includes in-app messaging, corporate bulletins, and highly-targeted communication channel management by role, topic, and location. Its open API integrates with enterprise systems of record, including Human Resource Information Systems, Workforce Management, Field Service Management, Learning Management, and Content Management systems, to make communication with mobile and transient workforces efficient and engaging.

“We’re building a groundbreaking Digital Assistant for the frontline at FORM. This acquisition will help our customers stay in close communication with their mobile workforce and spark connection and engagement within their field teams,” says Ali Moosani, CEO. “Acquiring Rodio’s technology is the next step in our vision to unlock the human potential of the mobile workforce, with intuitive technology that helps them do their jobs more easily.”

About FORM

FORM powers the world’s 2 billion mobile workers as they change companies and industries for good, with mobile technology that improves execution from the frontline. FORM activates and connects teams in the field–with leaders, missions, and each other–so they can deliver success in the enterprise. FORM’s field execution platform serves as a digital assistant for frontline teams by guiding their daily tasks, streamlining data collection, and providing leaders with real-time intelligence that drives faster actions and better decisions. FORM solutions have been deployed by Fortune 500 companies and customers around the world. To learn more, visit

About Rodio

Rodio is a mobile communications platform for organizations with dispersed teams working variable hours that enables companies to deliver prioritized, secure and trackable messaging to their teams. Founded in 2018, Rodio’s extensible platform integrates with enterprise HR, Scheduling, Reporting, Information and Learning Management systems. Rodio’s simple, user-friendly application aligns with existing organization structures, empowers field leadership, drives employee engagement, and allows frontline teams to focus on improving the end customer experience. For more information, visit:

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