MarketSource Connects Mobile Workforce with FORM + FieldConnector

MarketSource offers a proven alternative to outsourcing sales with a proprietary process that drives better results for its clients. As a member of the Allegis Group, MarketSource designs and delivers innovative marketing and sales team outsourcing solutions for companies of all sizes. The company provides the unique skills and expertise to integrate brand-centric marketing and sales programs in the Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Automotive, and Information Technology industries for both Retail (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) models. The extraordinary customer experiences and improved sales MarketSource provides help clients thrive by forging deeper relationships between people and brands.

The Challenge

MarketSource’s business is built on a team of on-the-go sales and marketing experts who visit retail sites to educate, motivate, and drive sales for high-tech and high-end products.
  • This young, digitally native workforce comprises thousands of full and part-time employees across North America.
  • They serve as subject matter experts in the field, supporting sales, customer engagement, and retail sales associate training for dozens of top retail and product brands.
  • MarketSource saw an opportunity for a solution to support their flexible work style and schedule
  • The solution could simultaneously equip them to collect the real-time, actionable information to deliver sales results for clients.

The Goal

MarketSource turned to FORM for an enterprise forms automation solution that would optimize the effectiveness and boost the value of its mobile workforce. The goal was to give field workers the ability to ask the right questions at the right time to increase marketing intelligence and efficiency with a data collection solution that fits seamlessly into their daily workflow.

The Solution

FORM powers the daily “Check-in Call Reports” that employees use in their fieldwork. These reports integrate with MarketSource’s Representative Engagement Platform (REPFirst), which is a fully integrated and innovative set of tools for workforce management, communication, training, and customer insight collection designed for its mobile-first workforce. With just a few clicks, workers launch a “Check-in Call Report” customized to each specific sales visit:
  • Using geofencing, FORM serves up a report to be completed based on location and customer-specific requirements.
  • Built-in logic focuses the visit on specific questions and tasks, presenting questions that follow the logic of the assignment and are structured based on previous answers.
The streamlined FORM reporting provides the MarketSource management team with timely access to critical information that enhances customer support and shapes short and long-term business decisions. MarketSource developed REPFirst on the intelligent Kronos D5 platform, leveraging the open-API framework to layer its own user experience on top of tight-knit integrations from key Workforce Dimensions Technology Partners. In addition to, these technology partners include Passport Corporation, which provides smart routing and scheduling capabilities, and FieldConnector, which enables workforce social communications and collaboration.

MarketSource + FieldConnector by FORM

MarketSource also chose FORM’s team communications technology, FieldConnector, to unify processes and synchronize work across its entire organization. Before implementation, the MarketSource team was working within different platforms to complete different tasks, resulting in significant inefficiencies and delays for jobs to be done. Additionally, communication was limited to email correspondence, which led to communication siloes across the organization. “We needed to engage our people, and previously, we used different technologies to do so,” says the MarketSource EVP of Retail Services. “We needed a solution that simplified their lives and made working for us easier and more productive.”

The Result

FORM now powers simple, mobile-friendly daily reporting from retail site visits by thousands of MarketSource employees, and the team’s use of FieldConnector has resulted in an 80% first pass acknowledgement of top-down communications across the entire organization. By putting FORM into the hands of its workforce, MarketSource is gaining real-time information on clients’ products, training, campaigns, and successes from thousands of sources. Because frontline reporting is now as seamless as possible, MarketSource employees cover more ground, gather more information, and deliver more value daily. According to Steve Wilson, MarketSource Executive Director of Services and Capabilities:
It’s a solution our employees touch every day, prompting them through critical work that ensures consistent branding, training, and customer experience for our clients. The capabilities to create effective workflows, add logic, and pre-populate information based on location and account information, all delivered in an easy-to-use, mobile-first app have made FORM a great fit for our data collection needs. We’ve utilized other data collection tools in the past and always run into limitations on functionality. With FORM, we haven’t run into something we wanted this software to help us do for our clients that it wasn’t capable of doing. We are able to utilize Form within our REP Solution to capture the insights that help our clients adjust their messaging, coverage, and approach for retail, rapidly and effectively.
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