How Mobile Forms Can Improve Your Safety Management Process

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Let’s face it: meeting OSHA standards can be a hassle, especially when dealing with Process Safety Management (PSM) and hazardous chemicals. Between procedures, paperwork, and training, the never-ending list of things you need to document can quickly turn into a nightmare. Even worse, understanding regulations and proving compliance can be a real pain in the butt…especially if you’re trying to do it all with paper or spreadsheets. Do you really want to make your work more disorganized and hard to track than it has to be?

Mobile software that improves your process safety management (PSM)

This lack of organization isn’t your employees’ fault. In fact, a lot of the issues they face are because they have outdated tools. After all, how organized can you be when you’re juggling heaps of paper or lugging around a laptop packed with spreadsheets?

The good news is, mobile software can change it all. Instead of fumbling around with paper and spreadsheets, mobile software lets your team quickly communicate and react to problems. And since the information they gather is stored online, they can prove they’ve been doing their jobs correctly when OSHA comes around.

For example, there are two parts to a process hazard analysis: the analysis itself and the follow-up. Performing these tasks using forms on a mobile app simplifies the whole process. When you have all your forms in one place, the people in charge of actually doing the process hazard analysis will have easy access to what they need. They can then quickly and easily fill out their forms (thanks to dynamic content and internal form logic) before the app automatically assigns follow-up tasks to the right people.

Or, when there’s a problem, the app can send a resolution plan to the maintenance team so they can address the issue ASAP. Anyone else on a need-to-know basis can also get automatic alerts with info from the form.

If you’ve been using paper and spreadsheets to do your PSM procedures, there’s an easy way to get higher quality data. No, it’s not by changing the way your team works — they just need a better tool for the job. Mobile software makes it easy to review procedures, conduct inspections, and perform compliance audits. And when that data is collected digitally, you’ll have it all on hand as proof you’ve been on top of those OSHA standards.

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