Switching from Paper Forms to a Mobile Inspection App

Mobile form

Thinking about implementing a mobile inspection app is one thing—actually getting it done it is another challenge entirely.

In our previous blog, we talked about the complexities of workflow forms. If the in-depth process of creating effective workflows feels like heading down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, then figuring out the best way to turn paper forms into a mobile app is like taking a peek into an imaginary world on the other side of a mirror. Your forms and processes are the same as they ever were, they just look and work differently…so differently that it may even seem impossible.

from paper to mobilr forms

But because we’re mobile forms experts who also believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast, we’re pretty confident in our ability to navigate our way through that looking-glass.

Migrating from paper to mobile device involves more than simply copying and pasting a few questions into some form software. It requires the right technology to match your current inspection procedures, and the support to create and successfully deploy a paper replacement. It also takes a lot of expertise and technical powerhouse to take paper or spreadsheet forms and turn them into something easy-to-use and deployable. That’s where we come in.

Form.com’s mobile app is designed to be compatible with the unique inspection processes of any enterprise organization, and our team is just as dedicated to enhancing your current business process. While paper forms usually contain tons of pages that inspectors need to flip through, we make forms easier and faster to complete by figuring out which questions should be responsive to user input.

For example, if a question asks about equipment condition and the inspector detects a problem, that negative response can trigger additional questions to help identify the issue, or prompt the user to take a picture to verify the information. Inspectors won’t have to sift through pages of questions that aren’t applicable and risk skimming over the questions they actually need to answer.

At Form.com, our technology and expertise is especially important when it comes to integrating with your existing IT systems. Not only does it take enterprise-level technology to successfully route your information to the right people and databases, it takes a dedicated team to make that information as useful as possible. Whether that means follow up tasks, email alerts, or business intelligence dashboards, having a team of pros to walk through each step in your process and figure out where you can benefit from automation the most is invaluable when it comes to making real improvements based on the information you’ve gathered during inspections.

Transitioning from paper forms to mobile apps doesn’t have to be an impossibility. By taking the time to understand the importance of each question, where we can make forms simpler and easier to fill out, and the actions that should be taken in any given scenario, the Form.com team can upgrade your paper forms to your ideal mobile inspection app.

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