Keep Your Promises with Mobile Quality Control Inspections

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Quality Control inspections are all about consistency. Your products must be satisfactory before they go out to customers, and any components coming from your vendors or suppliers must be up your standards as well. But ‘satisfactory’ isn’t just about making sure that your products are damage-free, or that they meet safety standards. It can also be about living up to your company and brand standards.

Say your company makes delicious ice cream that adheres to a socially and environmentally-conscious mission statement. When you bring in ingredients from an outside organization (like brownies or cookie dough), your quality control inspections are probably going to be all about ensuring your vendor’s production conditions adhere to your established food safety standards. But if you’re truly committed to your mission statement, you also need to investigate your suppliers’ processes and facilities so you know that every aspect of your final product is representative of your brand standards.

Mobile forms can help you do both. With all your forms available on one mobile app, inspectors will always have access to the one they need, no matter what situations might arise. With the ability to report on anything from contamination to harmful manufacturing practices in just a few taps, you can get a complete picture of your suppliers’ processes.

And when these inspections take place at facilities in remote areas with a limited Wi-Fi connection, having the ability to work offline is a massive benefit. As an inspector, the last thing you want is to lose all the data you’ve entered into a form if your connection drops before you save, or as you’re switching to a different page. With mobile and offline forms, you’ll be able to work without an internet connection, then upload your collected information as soon as you’re back online.

conducting mobile quality control inspections

When that’s done, inspection results are automatically aggregated on a business intelligence dashboard. You’ll be able view all your locations and suppliers on an interactive map that lets you track trends and spot underperforming/noncompliant locations. With regular quality control inspections, you’ll always know that the brownies and fair trade ingredients you receive are safe, delicious, and produced by an organization that lives up to your company values.

Like achieving the ideal crunchy-smooth texture of a chocolate chip ice cream, mobile quality control inspections can ensure perfect consistency for your products and company goals. Whether your product is ice cream, equipment, or anything in-between, staying on top of your suppliers’ success is one of the keys to ensuring yours.


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