How Can Be of Service During the Ongoing Crisis

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At, one of our core cultural pillars is “to be of service.” That means during this challenging time, we are responding with this mantra in mind and trying to do our part to help out.

We recognize a number of companies in industries such as healthcare, transportation, food production, distribution, and many others are under added pressure to execute their daily functions and could use help. In light of this, we’ve launched a Pilot Program to offer our technology and services team to businesses impacted by the current crisis. Being able to collect data points on people, places, products, and processes is valuable in critical times like these to ensure safety, quality, and compliance, so we want to offer businesses this capability when they need it most.

The Pilot Program will provide new and existing customers the ability to deploy critical forms as a pilot. Whether needing to migrate a paper-process to a mobile application, or wanting to roll-out a new business process to keep up with new demands around health and safety, the team is here “to be of service.”

Here are some examples of other areas where we could help:

  • Forms for washing and sanitizing work spaces and other common areas
  • Intake forms that screen clients for symptoms prior to entering the premises
  • Safety and hygiene auditing forms that monitor workers’ handwashing and remind them to follow other CDC recommendations
  • Supplier checklists for monitoring hygiene and exposure prevention throughout your supply chain
  • Vendor inspection forms to enforce new virus prevention standards and inform your supply chain partners of changes to your SOP

In addition to these services, we’re offering pre-built COVID-19 form templates for general use. They are completely free for both customers and non-customers. To obtain full access to forms and use features like reporting, you will need a account. Fill out this form if you are a customer and wish to have these templates added to your account. If you are not a customer, you can access the non-persistent versions below:

If your business needs to implement a faster and more efficient procedure, let us know by visiting the Pilot Program page and tell us what you’re looking for. We also have a number of relevant templates available which can be configured for quick deployment, so get in touch to learn more.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and together we’ll get through this. For more information on how we are handling the ongoing situation, visit our response page here. Thanks, and take care.

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