Excelling in Employee Wellness in a Remote World

Remote employee enjoying flexible work options at home

During the past two years, workplace culture has evolved rapidly and significantly. Organizations have drastically shifted their priorities, placing a greater emphasis on work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, and employee health and wellness. 

Like other organizations, FORM faced the challenges of uprooting our global teams to become a fully remote company. Now, in a nearing post-pandemic world, FORM knows the importance of understanding what exactly it is that team members want, and how to use these benefits and priorities to create global teams that are driven by passion, wellness, and supportive environments.

Work How You Want, Where You Want

FORM is proud to offer flexible and remote work options—no matter where team members are in the world. At the start of the pandemic, working from home presented a learning curve, but teams were able to break down the barriers and come together, even while physically apart. 

“Prior to COVID-19, I thought that having a fully-remote team meant the end of having fun as a team,” shared Josh Mitchell, Vice President of Professional Services, in a recent Built In Colorado article. “In the office, we really enjoyed each other’s company—we regularly bounced ideas off one another, caught up on the latest goofy thing we found on the internet, and debated where the best slice of pizza in Denver could be found. We were able to get a lot done and have a good time together while doing it, so I was nervous that the good times would abruptly come to an end.”

However, it became clear that FORM’s people-first culture made it easy for teams to work hard and play hard—even remotely. “It took us a bit of time to adjust to make sure the good times continued in a remote setting, but we’ve managed to find a balance of teamwork and fun,” said Mitchell. “Since transitioning to a fully remote workforce, we’ve doubled down on making time to hang out outside of our regular recurring meetings. Between trivia hours, speed-typing challenges, and ‘would you rather’ Slack threads, we’ve shaken off the idea that fun only exists in person.”

Now, FORM offers both fully remote and hybrid working options, with offices in Denver, Colorado; Boston, Massachusetts; Krakow, Poland; and Kyiv, Ukraine. Team members are encouraged to work how they want and where they want to best ensure productivity, collaboration, and creativity.

Enhancing the Employee Wellness Experience

In a 2021 Oracle survey, 88% of respondents said the meaning of success in the workplace has changed for them—with aspects like work-life balance and mental health resources being top indications of success. Another survey indicated that 86% of employees want their employers to build a corporate culture that encourages an open dialogue about mental health and wellness. 

To support this dialogue, FORM has initiated Mental Health Days—a chance for team members to relax and recharge while minimizing any commitments or responsibilities. When given the opportunity to recenter during the week, team members can prevent burnout and ultimately increase productivity and motivation. 

FORM has also implemented another policy to better the wellness of team members: Volunteer Time Off. Team members have the opportunity to volunteer for a cause of their choosing once a month—creating new ways to make a difference in the community and build connections with other team members.

Ensuring Wellness at FORM

The workplace environment has shifted immensely in recent years, and FORM is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to creating a leading employee experience. By shaping a flexible and supportive culture that encourages lunchtime jogs, coffee shop brainstorm sessions, and mid-week days off, team members can do their best work. And when one of us wins, we all win.

FORM is hiring! Check out our profile on Built in Colorado to see our open positions. 

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