Image Recognition
Benefits Of Image Recognition In Beverage Industry
Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving business outcomes and creating competitive advantages for leading beverage brands. Although the technology itself is complex, its proliferation is easy to understand: operational efficiencies, market, and product data collection simplification, supply chain optimization, increased transparency and sales activity enablement. By 2024, AI in the food and beverage market is expected […]
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How Retailers Are Using Technology to Improve the In-Store Experience and Engage Frontline Teams
Digital transformation, consumer demands for convenience, and Gen Z buying power proliferation have created waves of disruption for retail. As automated technology like chatbots and blockchain permeate the industry, the demand for elevated shopping experiences and human interaction are requiring retailers to adapt and experiment with technology that allows them to thrive online and offline. […]
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FORM Appoints Ryan Lucas as Chief Revenue Officer
FORM, the leading mobile platform that improves enterprise execution with intuitive technology for field teams to collect, share, and visualize data, today announced the promotion of Ryan Lucas to Chief Revenue Officer.
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7 Observational Data Collection Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
At, we’ve seen observational data collection in every shape and size, from restaurant walkthroughs to manufacturing safety evaluations. No matter the use case, there’s always room for optimization. However, it may surprise you that that most of the observational data collection problems we encounter are solvable without ever spending a penny. We gathered a […]
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