Technology in Construction

Construction can be a hazardous business. As a safety leader in the field, your goal should always be to drive continuous and ongoing improvement until fatalities and injuries are reduced to zero. The best way to do this is to utilize the proper tools to collect, analyze, and use data to improve procedures and ensure compliance.

Safety is important in any field, but it’s absolutely vital in the construction industry. Accidents, injuries, and fatalities can happen on any job site. The only way to prevent them is to learn from mistakes and make data-driven adjustments that continuously improve conditions. Paper checklists, documents, and endless spreadsheets don’t provide the whole picture. But when you combine new technology and data analytics with a strict vigilance of safety protocols and potential hazards, you can see the trends and tendencies that could be putting your job site at risk and use the information to make improvements. 

Mobile software can be used to find, document, and fix safety infractions at every job site while providing data analysis that shows what training and adjustments are needed. It is easy to carry and use in any location or situation, whether you’re performing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), an inspection, or a walkthrough. Mobile devices also have built-in features like cameras and GPS that allow you to gather better evidence, share it with others more efficiently, and use it as a teaching tool in real-time to prevent future problems before they occur.

Ditching paper-based documentation for cutting-edge and eco-friendly smartphones and tablets can help you save on costs, mitigate risk, and increase productivity. With the right software, construction companies can completely centralize, manage, and automate auditing and inspection processes, collect and use historical data, and organize everything in one place, even when offline.

You can track and automate Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs) that trigger activities based on a particular entry, response, or incident, leveraging your mobile software to create a learning experience for your workers. You can also analyze the information you collect every day, giving you a better understanding of problems that may be happening on the ground level and how your safety initiatives are working at your current job sites. This allows you to improve efficiency, eliminate lost paperwork, reduce OSHA fines, and limit accidents.

Investing in the right mobile technology will allow you to make smarter decisions, improve safety for your construction projects, and create a data-driven safety program based on a philosophy of continuous improvement that will separate you from the competition.

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