Choosing the Right Restaurant Management Software

Managing operations for a restaurant franchise can be a complicated endeavor, and a variety of information must be evaluated and analyzed to grow and improve. The best way to turn raw data into operational excellence is to employ an integrated system that uses mobile software and data analytics to guide critical decision-making.

The Must-Haves of Mobile Data Collection

Change is constant in the franchise and chain business, and your mobile platform must be able to adapt. A viable mobile platform must meet your exact specifications and integrate smoothly with existing systems and processes. 

A configurable solution that uses rapid mobile development will ensure you get the precise functionality to meet your needs and the flexibility to adjust to any changes in your brand and operational systems.

It is also crucial that the technology is expandable, scalable, and modular, yet also centralized. Your solution must be able to track a variety of different data sets, from internal and administrative processes like audits, training, and compliance, to any external facilities in the supply chain. 

Collecting and analyzing information from all these sources with a single tool allows you to normalize the data and create a comprehensive review on a business intelligence dashboard, giving you the most complete picture of performance with which to make the most well-informed decisions.

Capturing and organizing your data effectively also allows you to save time by automating processes and reacting quicker to irregularities. The right mobile app can pre-populate information, trigger operational alerts and notifications, and automatically submit maintenance, audit, or inspection requests, accelerating your entire operation. This also provides more time to analyze the complex performance data collected day-to-day to make critical decisions for your business and constantly improve.

Once you understand the overwhelming innovation and support a quality mobile solution provides, the next step is implementation. While there are functional out-of-the-box solutions that may meet some of your needs, most will come up short. To truly take advantage of what mobile technology can offer, you need a flexible solution built off a versatile core platform, a viable licensing model, and a professional services and development team to ensure your solution meets your needs. Introducing this type of mobile platform will ensure your organization is operating as efficiently as possible.