Operational Excellence in Location-Based Operations

One of the most important keys to achieving operational excellence in the workplace is how an organization approaches teachable moments. Using mobile technology, companies can efficiently collect and analyze the data necessary to identify those moments, reinforce the best practices that apply to the situation, and drive continuous improvements from employees and locations.

What is OPEX?

The methodology behind operational excellence (OPEX) is the ability to meet rigorous brand, customer experience, and safety standards in the workplace. It is one of the core principles of every type of business, yet it can be challenging to quantify and attain. Determining whether employees know what to do at all times, how well they are performing in a variety of situations, and how quickly issues can be remediated and learned from can only be accurately assessed with the right approach to data collection and analysis.

Using Data to Improve Employee Knowledge, Performance, and Responsiveness

Applying mobile technology is the most sustainable way to achieve long-term operational excellence. In addition to providing a hub for training documents and materials, mobile software allows you to integrate, compare, and cross-reference training metrics (collected from employees and trainers) directly back to operational performance, internal audits, and client feedback. This gives leaders a clear picture of the knowledge level of their employees and offers a clear path toward improving efficiency.

Data collection software can improve the way performance is evaluated and stimulated. By collecting and analyzing internal evaluations, inspections, and walkthroughs, you are able to use a steady stream of information to identify trends and opportunities to make training and standard work procedures more effective.

The right mobile software will also have corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) integrated into your solution, allowing you to quickly identify performance gaps and fix issues as they arise. By using technology to steadily collect and analyze information related to how employees do their jobs, you can make data-based decisions to improve procedures and take advantage of teachable moments.

Achieving Operational Excellence

By collecting, integrating, analyzing, and applying data using mobile technology, you can see the clearest representation of your employee’s strengths and weaknesses and the most straightforward path toward improvement for your team members. You can leverage data analytics to make more informed decisions about how to identify and correct negative trends, optimize training, and empower employees to buy into the Operational Excellence Principles. Turn your incongruent service system into a well-oiled machine by taking advantage of mobile software systems and applying the data-driven solutions they provide.

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