Food Safety Software

Mobile food safety software can help your business perform internal inspections and continuous audits that locate, identify, and fix problems faster. It can also help you collect and analyze data more efficiently, leading to better decision-making and cultivating an environment of continuous improvement.

With the growing number of standards, regulations, and requirements being introduced regarding food safety, it can be difficult for restaurants and food manufacturers to keep up with standards. This can lead to failed audits, suspended operations, or even lawsuits from customers getting sick.

Paper-based audits cause an enormous amount of redundant manual data entry, making them slow, inefficient, and prone to being misplaced or lost. Using mobile software, you can eliminate the need to fill out paper forms, giving you instant access to a single digital record of everything that can be made available to stakeholders, regulatory auditors, and consumers at a moment’s notice. Mobile technology also provides increased visibility across multiple stores, allowing you to track performance by location, identify trends and inconsistencies, and even provide feedback to multiple restaurants to help standardize food safety operations and ensure company-wide compliance.

Mobile software can also improve the creation and implementation of Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs). When an issue arises and needs to be corrected, you can leverage your mobile software to create a learning experience for your workers. You can show them the relevant compliance recommendations directly on your mobile device and educate them on the proper actions to take to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. You can also create automated CAPAs that trigger the appropriate action plans, notifications, maintenance requests, audits, or re-inspections based on a particular entry, response, or incident.

Safety issues present a considerable risk to the brand perception and financial well-being of any restaurant, not to mention the health of its customers. Mobile technology and efficient safety processes are the best ways to prevent a problem before it occurs and ensure your restaurants are safe, compliant, and continuously improving.