Windows App UI Improvements

February, 2023

Our team is constantly working on improving the user experience of the app so teams can get to work quickly and easily. The most recent update of the FORM OpX Windows Desktop app brings UI improvements for the Forms and Tasks tabs, presenting fresh cards and a clean table view.

Let’s take a closer look.


Tasks cards now have a more compact view and have a few other UI improvements to give them a fresher look.

What’s New:

  • Click the task card to jump into the form directly – no more extra clicks.
  • To view task details, hit the icon.
  • All unread tasks and now highlighted with a yellow bar.

For shorter lists of tasks, cards now have a more convenient view. For longer lists, many customers prefer the table view, which has been also refreshed.

What’s New:

  • The table header and the first column are now fixed—never lose the context while scrolling!
  • Columns can now be resized for better text visibility.


The Forms tab has a refreshed look as well, keeping at-a-glance forms clean and compact. In addition, in case there is an issue uploading a form, you’ll now receive an alert similar to the Task Sync Failure.

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