UI Improvements to the Online Portal & Admin

June, 2022

This June, we have changed the look and feel of Portal cards.

A more compact view will include even more functionality and flexibility for your day-to-day operations.

We’ve also made cosmetic changes to the Admin UI to give you a more intuitive and delightful admin experience.

Tasks Tab

  • New colors for statuses
  • Icon to expand the card for more details
  • View a form by clicking on the card
  • “Edit form” function added to quick menu
  • Due date moved to the bottom of the card

Forms Tab

  • New colored backgrounds for statuses
  • Open a response by clicking on the card
  • New “edit response” icon

Dashboards Tab

  • New colors for the Dashboards cards
  • Author and creation date added to the card


  • Removed unused colors for new Portal UI
  • Added more space for Contact Managers

Contact Manager

  • “Name Formula” moved up, next to “Select Special Fields”

Advanced Features

  • “Add rule” and “Add subgroup” buttons replaced by icons
  • Selected checkboxes replaced by toggles

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