Last Sync Date for Mobile App Users

March, 2023

Because FORM OpX has a centralized change management process, as soon as Admins apply any change to existing audits and inspections, those changes will be immediately available to all portal and mobile app users. The online portal is synced automatically and does not require any action from the user. For mobile users, however, we recommend syncing the app from time to time to make sure not only data from your device is sent back to servers, but that you have uploaded the most up-to-date information from your Admins, as well.

This is where the new “Last Sync Date” information can become valuable. From now on, any Admin can view statistics on when each mobile user has uploaded data from their mobile app:

As well as a bi-directional sync of the app with the servers:

From here, Admins can dive even deeper. By clicking the hyperlinked date, a “Sync Info” pop-up will provide more detailed information—including the time stamp, the type of data transfer, app version, and the exact device used.
With all this information, Admins can track if all field workers have up-to-date forms and tasks on their devices, easily identify who is not syncing the app, and follow up accordingly with individuals to update their app data.

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