Form Gallery on iOS & Android Apps

April, 2023
We’re simplifying how your mobile users capture photos while completing forms. With Form Gallery, users can snap multiple photos within the gallery interface without having to exit their camera. Once finished, photos can quickly be dragged and attached to each designated form question
Form Gallery Interface

How it Works

Activate “Form Gallery” under “Form Settings” from the application’s Admin side. Once activated, all mobile users can access this functionality. Form Gallery allows your users to take multiple shots within the same interface, and later refer to any particular photo from that gallery while answering form questions.

Why it's Great

Unlike the “Device Gallery,” each form has its own gallery, which ensures every photo is unique to each audit or inspection and cannot be repurposed. Photos are available within the form, not a device, which gives another security layer.

Attach picture to a form

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Form Gallery is available for iOS and Android.
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