API and Integrations

At Form.com, there's no such thing as a "data silo." We don't believe in isolating critical info gathered in the field away from other systems. Instead, we help our clients build connections between their Form.com solution and the rest of their tech stack. 


We know that data-based programs and systems are most effective when they can communicate and exchange information with each other to solve problems. That's why we developed our API (Application Programming Interface) to be extremely flexible, allowing your tech team or our Professional Services department to bridge the gap between our solution and virtually any third-party software.

API Overview

Form.com’s web services API provides business logic and data integration between Form.com’s solution and your other applications. Auto-fill information in forms, pass data back to your CRM/ERP, and trigger additional forms, events, and workflows. Meanwhile, our JavaScript API enhances user experience and allows manipulation of form appearance and structure.

Third-Party Integrations

Whether you need to integrate a mobile inspection system within your existing IT infrastructure or add a dynamic mobile forms engine to your software product - the Form.com platform provides the power and flexibility you need. 

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Single Sign-On, users log in with the same login credentials across all your systems and applications. This reduces the time spent entering passwords and the lowers the risk associated with multiple third parties storing and controlling your login data.

Scripting Compatibility

The APIs are based on SOAP standards and may be used from applications written in virtually any programming language, including .NET C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and others.


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