Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Get from first report to final resolution faster with custom workflows that manage forms, tasks, and data throughout your organization. 

Customize Powerful Workflows

Every exchange of data in an organization is part of a much larger process chain. If one of the links in that chain fails to connect, it usually means lost time, money, and effort. That's why integrates behind-the-scenes workflows into your forms to provide reliable follow-ups for every action.

Our workflow tool automates data collection and task management, simplifying transactions between employees and your tech stack. lets you define who has access to what forms and what information. Schedule tasks and events based on specific responses, automatically generate alerts with attachments and establish escalation paths for approvals.

  • Automated Approvals: Launch enterprise-wide approval chains directly from forms and route data to the right people.
  • Email Notifications: Send alerts to the right people when critical issues are uncovered or certain scores are recorded.
  • Assign Tasks from Forms: Automatically assign tasks based on form results with custom statuses, due dates, and priority levels.
  • Integrate Workflows: Connect with your other systems to create enterprise-wide workflows that trigger events in other applications and databases.
  • Distribute Reports: Send custom reports at scheduled intervals to drill down into the details of your field data.
  • Streamline Data Collection: Route data to the right people in and outside the company and use it to populate your other systems through API calls.

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Custom Workflows

From basic task automation to entire networks of data-based processes, our workflows can be entirely customized to your unique needs.

Flexible Integration

Integrate with your other systems using our robust API and experienced Professional Services team to create bi-directional workflows.

Closed-Loop Reporting

Automatically populate reports and dashboards with the latest data from the field and ensure that decisions are made with up-to-the minute info.

Alerts & Notifications

Send email alerts about deadlines, trigger alerts to supervisors when red-flag issues are uncovered, and keep everyone on the same page.

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