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Reporting & Dashboards

Create your own shareable reports and BI dashboards with custom calculations, formulas, filters, and visualizations.

Make Your Field Data Actionable

It’s impossible to make timely changes in the field if it takes weeks to act on collected data. By integrating our data collection solution, your existing IT systems, and Business Intelligence Dashboards, you can bring real-time reactivity to your reporting.'s proprietary BI Dashboards give you flexible tools to drill down into the details of your collected data and create custom visualizations, like charts and tables. Leverage your own custom calculations, formulas, and filters to uncover deeper insights, then automatically share your findings with your contacts. The results of your analysis are always mobile-optimized and look great on any screen size.

  • Drag & Drop Interface: Easily build data visualizations with a variety of chart and table types to explore, filter, and analyze data.
  • Large-Scale Aggregation: Process millions of records in real time without sacrificing performance.
  • Custom Designs: Customize the design of charts and graphs to give each data set a relevant look and feel.
  • Real-Time Processing: Use calculations and formulas to instantly break down data as it’s submitted.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: Anything built within Dashboards is automatically mobile-optimized and responsive.

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Custom Formulas & Filters

Customize calculations, formulas, filters, and more with reporting and dashboards, then share your data visualizations with your contacts list.

Data Visualizations

Create charts, graphs, and more with BI dashboards, then customize the colors and overall look-and-feel suit each data set.

Mobile Optimization

Create company-branded forms that look great at any screen ratio, with intuitive controls, mobile-optimized layouts, and reactive scaling.

Shareable Reports

Share dashboards and reports with your contacts and allow them to use filters that transform how they view your analyzed data.

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Additional Features

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Mobile Forms

Our custom forms are specifically built for the mobile workforce to use in the field.

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Workflow Management

Streamline issue resolution, escalations, and follow-up tasks without the manual effort.

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Task Management

Automate task assignment and provide a comprehensive task overview for users in the field.

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Forms Automation

Automate virtually any manual process with dynamic in-form logic and powerful workflows.

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Offline Forms

Our offline-first forms can collect data, complete tasks, and more—even without a connection.

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Our platform is packed with features designed to make capturing and using data easier.

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