Offline Forms for Enterprise

Offline Forms

Take powerful data collection tools into the field with an application designed with offline mobile users in mind.

Take Mobile Forms Anywhere’s offline-first mobile technology ensures that your field teams can access and execute forms and tasks wherever the job takes them. Before being dispatched to a job location, workers can sync their app  with the most up-to-date forms. They can then collect data, complete tasks, and store workflow triggers while disconnected from the internet.

Once connectivity is restored the sync process can be triggered for the mobile app to retrieve new tasks, forms, and workflow data while uploading completed forms, tasks, and triggers. The offline functionality can be a virtually seamless experience depending on your needs, or it can be configured in a more manual way to align with your specific data process.

  • Dynamic Logic: Logical functions operate in the background even while offline, guiding users based on the conditions they encounter.
  • Cached Workflows: Offline responses are stored locally and automatically trigger workflows once the app is reconnected.
  • Offline Task Lists: Users in the field can access, review, and complete tasks in a comprehensive interface even while offline.
  • Action Plans: Prompt next steps with action plans that measure  user responses against offline data models and custom scores.
  • Prefilling Data Fields: Form fields can prepopulate based on available information, like data from the user's device, locally stored data models, and previous user responses.

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Mobile User Portal

Empower your field workforce with an offline-optimized portal that displays tasks with due dates, custom statuses, and priority levels.

Integrated Data Models

Connect historical data, reference materials, and existing data sets with forms to power custom logic and ensure proper procedure everywhere.

Seamless Offline Mode

Keep filling out forms and completing tasks offline while custom logic, workflows, and data models work in the background.

Cloud Synchronization

Store collected data, completed tasks, and workflow triggers locally on a user's device, then sync data as soon as it's connected again.

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Workflow Management

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Task Management

Automate task assignment and provide a comprehensive task overview for users in the field.

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Forms Automation

Automate virtually any manual process with dynamic in-form logic and powerful workflows.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Drill down into datasets with custom reports and business intelligence dashboards .

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