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How a Leading Non-Alcoholic Beverage Brand Drives Revenue with GoSpotCheck by FORM's Image Recognition Software


In the highly competitive non-alcoholic and water market, maintaining market share and ensuring contract compliance are crucial for sustained success. This case study explores the journey of a popular beverage brand that leveraged GoSpotCheck by FORM’s Image Recognition software to optimize store audits, gain real-time insights into contract compliance, and improve revenue growth. Through the implementation of this solution, the company experienced remarkable benefits, including faster store surveys, increased retailer contract compliance, and additional revenue in the independent small-format—like coolers—retail segment.

The Challenge

The beverage brand, holding a 25% market share in the U.S. carbonated beverage market, recognized the need for streamlining store audits and improving contract compliance. Traditional audit processes were time-consuming and often prone to inaccuracies, leading to potential revenue losses and compliance issues. To address these challenges, the company turned to GoSpotCheck by FORM, a leading provider of image recognition software for Beverage, Consumer Goods, and Retail brands.

The Solution

By adopting GoSpotCheck’s Image Recognition technology, the beverage brand gained real-time insights into its product placement and contract compliance across various retail locations. The app uses machine learning and product detection AI to analyze shelf share, compliance and execution, out-of-stocks, and more, and delivers real-time insights and on-device reporting that allow the company to identify and rectify any issues promptly (even while still on-site).

Faster Store Surveys
Increase in Contract Compliance
Additional Revenue

The Results

75% Faster Store Surveys

With GoSpotCheck’s Image Recognition software, the beverage brand witnessed a significant improvement in the efficiency of its store surveys. Traditional manual audits were time-consuming, requiring substantial resources to collect and process data. By automating the process with image recognition technology, the company reduced survey times by 75%, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively and focus on other critical business tasks.

50% Increase in Contract Compliance

Contract compliance is vital for maintaining brand consistency and maximizing revenue. GoSpotCheck’s Image Recognition solution provided real-time insights into contract compliance, ensuring that the actual store configurations matched the agreed-upon terms. By identifying discrepancies promptly, the beverage brand achieved a remarkable 50% increase in contract compliance. This improvement not only strengthened their brand image and customer satisfaction but also helped to avoid potential revenue losses due to non-compliant cold vaults, shelves, and displays.

1-2% Additional Revenue in Independent Small Format Retail Segment

The real-time insights provided by GoSpotCheck’s Image Recognition software enabled the beverage brand to gain a better understanding of its share of shelf in the independent small-format retail segment. Armed with accurate data, they were able to optimize their product placement strategies, ensuring maximum visibility and availability. As a result, the company experienced a notable 1-2% increase in revenue within this specific retail segment, contributing to overall business growth.


The popular beverage brand achieved remarkable benefits by integrating GoSpotCheck by FORM’s Image Recognition software into their operations. The real-time insights provided by the solution significantly improved the efficiency of store audits, increased contract compliance, and drove revenue growth in the independent small-format retail segment. Leveraging the power of image recognition technology, the company successfully streamlined its operations and strengthened its market position in a highly competitive environment.

About GoSpotCheck by FORM

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