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Leading Office Supply Store Uses GoSpotCheck to Sharpen Execution and Decision-Making


Founded nearly 40 years ago, a prominent chain of office supply stores now has hundreds of locations spread across the country. The company caters to a diverse customer base, offering a wide range of office products, stationery, technology gadgets, and printing services. As a market leader, the company places immense importance on maintaining high operational standards, adhering to compliance guidelines, and delivering exceptional retail experiences to its customers.

The company adopted GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software to optimize store operations, ensure procedural compliance, and enhance retail execution. By leveraging the features of GoSpotCheck, the company achieved real-time insights, improved loss prevention procedures, and enhanced daily operating procedures.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software, the chain of office supply stores encountered several challenges that hindered operational efficiency and execution excellence. These challenges included:

Lack of Real-time Insights: The company struggled to obtain timely updates on mission-critical and time-sensitive retail promotional activities across all its stores. This resulted in missed opportunities and delayed responses to market demands.

Inefficient Oversight of Loss Prevention Procedures​: Loss prevention was a significant concern for the company, and it required a better method of monitoring and ensuring compliance with security protocols at each store.

Inconsistent Execution of Daily Operating Procedures​: The execution of daily operational tasks varied between stores, leading to discrepancies in customer experiences and overall brand image.

The Solution

To address these challenges and improve store operations, the company adopted GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software. This mobile-based platform provided an all-in-one solution, including dynamic task management, next-gen photo reporting, and business intelligence dashboards that streamlined store management and execution.

The Results

Real-Time Insights

GoSpotCheck’s mobile task management allowed managers to choose from 12 different task types, assign them to teams across stores, and monitor their progress in real time. With information on in-store performance being distributed in minutes, leaders could ensure that mission-critical retail promotional activities were executed promptly and effectively, and that any issues could be resolved while reps were still on-site. As a result, the company witnessed increased sales during promotional periods and improved customer engagement.

Loss Prevention Procedures

GoSpotCheck’s in-app photo capture and smart album reporting capabilities played a crucial role in enhancing oversight of loss prevention procedures. Store associates were able to take photos of security measures, verify compliance, and promptly report any issues. On the back end, leaders were able to view and filter photos by region, date, user, and more to get a full view of operations and reduce security breaches and incidents.

Improved Retail Execution

GoSpotCheck’s ability to demonstrate best practices to team members on the floor ensured consistent and high-quality execution of daily operating procedures. Associates had access to visual references and brand guidelines, leading to standardized practices across all stores and a more uniform and positive shopping experience for customers.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The integration of business intelligence dashboards with GoSpotCheck allowed the company to analyze execution metrics and photos captured by store associates. These data-driven insights enabled management to identify trends, spot areas for improvement, and make data-backed decisions for future strategies. Additionally, the ability to share execution metrics and photos with internal stakeholders and external product manufacturers strengthened collaboration and facilitated continuous improvement.


By adopting GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software, the chain of office supply stores successfully streamlined store operations, ensured procedural compliance, and improved decision-making to drive efficiency, brand reputation, and ROI. GoSpotCheck’s mobile task management, photo capture and reporting, and business intelligence dashboards proved to be instrumental in achieving these benefits. The company’s continued commitment to innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technology exemplify its dedication to delivering excellence in the competitive retail landscape.

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GoSpotCheck by FORM unleashes the power of field teams to drive market execution with the only mobile solution that combines dynamic task management, industry-leading image recognition, photo reporting, field team communications, and advanced reporting – all within one easy-to-use platform. Guide teams, improve execution, and drive sales while creating a shared view of the field that helps leaders make better decisions, faster. Sell more with GoSpotCheck, the field execution app that guides, tracks, and improves performance in real time.

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